Canada comes together: CPAWS celebrates Minister’s joint commitment to protecting at least 30% of land and ocean in Canada by 2030

May 26, 2023, traditional unceded Algonquin Territory/Ottawa, ONCPAWS is celebrating an announcement today that confirms support by federal, provincial and territorial governments to collectively contribute to meeting the goal of protecting at least 30% of land and ocean in Canada by 2030, with a focus on Indigenous-led conservation. The announcement comes as a result of sustained efforts to bring governments together to increase action to protect nature.

“The urgent need for increased conservation action is fully backed by Indigenous knowledge and western science and is strongly supported by Canadians who have been waiting for real on-the-ground progress on protecting nature,”says Sandra Schwartz, CPAWS National Executive Director. 

“It’s taken a long time for governments to agree on the urgency, and today we’re relieved to finally mark the starting point of a pan-Canadian approach to collaborating in the work to halt and reverse biodiversity loss in Canada,” she adds

Last year, CPAWS identified achievable conservation opportunities across the country in  its Roadmap to 2030 report, which would more than double the amount of protected land and ocean in Canada, reaching 29.3% of land protected and 30.4% of ocean protected. 

The goal to protect at least 30% of land and ocean is now embedded in a new global agreement for nature and will be a foundational pillar in the development of Canada’s new biodiversity strategy, announced earlier this month. With governments now on the same page, CPAWS is expecting provinces and territories to accelerate their actions and deliver their own important and unique contributions to this work in collaboration with and in support of Indigenous peoples.  

“We’re past the point of wondering whether or not we can do this. We know we can. Now that we’re finally in agreement about the urgency and the need to do this together, we can roll up our sleeves and get to work in making it happen,” says Schwartz. 


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