Harkin Award

The Harkin Conservation Award honours individuals who have demonstrated a significant contribution throughout their lifetime through words and deeds to the conservation of Canada’s parks and wilderness. This contribution may have resulted from the individual’s occupational or professional responsibilities, or from their activities as a citizen or member of a group.

Recipients of the J.B. Harkin Conservation Award were presented with the J.B. Harkin Medal. The medal was designed and cast in bronze by one of Canada’s preeminent sculptors and medal designers, the late Dora de Pedry Hunt (1913-2008).

Read CPAWS and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s media release regarding the 2023 rebranding of the Harkin Award.

J. B. Harkin Award Recipients

In 1972, CPAWS formally established the James B. Harkin Conservation Award, which is awarded to Canadians who promote conservation.

Recipients of the Harkin Award include:

  • 2018 Cliff White
  • 2014 David Henry
  • 2013 John Marsh, Ric Careless and Harvey Locke
  • 2011 Nikita Lopoukhine
  • 2010 The Panel on Ecological Integrity of Canada’s National Parks
  • 2008 Bob Peart
  • 2007 Dr. Jim Thorsell
  • 2005 Dr. J. Gordon Nelson
  • 2003 Mike Harcourt and Derek Thompson
  • 2002 Elizabeth May
  • 2001 Monte Hummel
  • 2000 Mike and Diane McIvor
  • 1999 Dr. Stephen Herrero
  • 1998 Dr. John Theberge (with special recognition of May Theberge)
  • 1997 Cliff Wallis
  • 1996 Chief Emeritus Ruby Dunstan
  • 1995 Dr. J. Stan Rowe
  • 1992 Jennifer Shay and Vernon C. Brink
  • 1990 Andy Russell
  • 1989 Gavin Henderson
  • 1987 Alex T. Davidson
  • 1985 Michael J. Nolan, George W. Scotter and Charles Sauriol
  • 1981 George F. Ledingham
  • 1978 William Fergus Lothian
  • 1975 Roderick Haig-Brown
  • 1972 Hon. Jean Chrétien