Join the movement to protect at least 30%
of land and ocean in Canada by 2030.


Nature is in crisis. We are in crisis. To ensure nature and people thrive in the future, much more land and ocean need to be protected today.

We can’t afford to wait another moment to make change. Join the movement and take action for the future you want.



Move Forward on the Path to Change

To reverse biodiversity loss and help fight climate change, Canada has committed to protect at least 30% of its land and ocean by 2030. Let’s make sure the federal, provincial, and territorial governments deliver on this pledge.


Expand the Reach of Protected Areas

Protected areas on land and in the ocean provide sanctuary for wildlife, but most wildlife need more space to roam. Creating natural corridors between protected areas allows for safe passage through the land and ocean and helps wildlife adapt to climate change.


Support Indigenous-Led Conservation

Respecting the sovereignty and leadership of Indigenous nations and supporting Indigenous-led conservation will go a long way toward ensuring a future for nature, both on land and in the ocean. Supporting Indigenous-led conservation is an essential part of reconciliation in Canada.


Take action now. Help Canada protect 30% of land and ocean in Canada by joining a campaign today!

You can support Indigenous-led conservation and help get the Seal River Watershed protected. Ask the Government of Manitoba to make establishing the Seal River Watershed Indigenous Protected Area a priority.

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You can make a difference. Take action in the fight against biodiversity loss and climate change by using your voice to help protect land and ocean in Canada. We can’t wait.


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