Find our technical publications here, including our parks, ocean and climate change reports, as well as other reports and resources we’ve created or contributed to.

Conservation Reports

Read our Report Card on how well Canada fared in delivering on its promise to protect 17% of its land and 10% of its ocean by the end of 2020, including the degree to which federal, provincial, and territorial governments each contributed to this shared goal.

Read our 2020 Parks Report to learn how establishing and effectively managing protected areas in Canada can benefit our economy and well-being, and for our recommendations to federal, provincial and territorial governments on investing in protected areas as part of Canada’s recovery from COVID-19. Visit our Parks and Protected Areas webpage for past reports.

Read our 2021 Ocean Report that investigates how well-protected and well-managed Canada’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) really are. Visit our Ocean webpage for past reports and other ocean-related publications.

Read our 2019 Climate Report about the connections between the climate change and biodiversity loss crises, and how both crises can be addressed simultaneously through government action to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and protect ecosystems. Visit our Climate Change webpage for other climate-related publications.

Impact Reports

CPAWS releases its annual Impact Report in the Fall to share financial and conservation successes achieved over our fiscal year (April 1-March 31). Visit our Successes page to see how CPAWS has progressed conservation across Canada over the years.  

Other Resources

CPAWS is a member of the Green Budget Coalition (GBC) – a group of 23 leading environmental organizations in Canada that analyze environmental sustainability issues and provide fiscal and budgetary recommendations to the federal government each year. Read the Coalition’s Recommendations for Budget 2022, including putting a biodiversity lens in place for nature conservation, increasing connectivity in land and ocean protected area networks, and committing permanent funding for protected areas.

Read CPAWS’ The Economic Value of Investing in Nature: An Evidence Backgrounder, which offers a case for investing in nature based on data demonstrating the economic benefits of doing so.

Read CPAWS’ visitor use management strategy report for Canada’s most popular national parks: Managing Human Use in Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks – Defining a Way Forward. 

CPAWS’ National Forest Program Director appeared as a witness before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources in December 2020. Read Forests for Life: Recovery for Forestry, Climate, and Nature – CPAWS’ written submission to the committee for their Study on Economic Recovery in the Forestry Sector