News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

Caribou Tales #2: Living off the path

This is the second episode in our Caribou Tales series. Stay tuned for a new episode on the 25th of every month. “Take that! And that! Annndddd that!” As Carla watches on, her calf leaps through the air, kicking at real bugs and imagined foes. “Look, I’m getting them” he calls to her, sounding a little like the bull frogs croaking in the water nearby. Today he has been feeling rambunctious and more confident on his feet. He has survived a long swim off the island to an area of deep forest near a bog. Here they will stay for a few days.

A marathon followed by a sprint

Conservation is one of these rare places where most political parties can agree. It is rarely divisive (although it is not devoid of division from time to time). Legislation on conservation issues can move through decision-making processes very quickly. This week is proof.

CPAWS Welcomes Bill to Amend Rouge National Urban Park Act

Today the Member from Scarborough-Rouge River tabled a private member’s bill to amend the Rouge National Urban Park Act. The Bill would improve ecological protection for the proposed Rouge National Urban Park by prioritizing the restoration and maintenance of ecological integrity while also giving consideration to cultural heritage, farming and public infrastructure. This rectifies a major weakness of the recently adopted Rouge National Urban Park Act which failed to prioritize nature conservation and didn’t even meet the international definition of a protected area. CPAWS welcomes the Bill and acknowledges efforts to improve the law.

Cape Breton Highlands and Mother Canada

We've protected so little of our landscape in Canada... I am constantly asking myself why we insist on nibbling away at these few precious sanctuaries through projects like these.

Baleen makes a splash in Newfoundland on World Oceans Day

Baleen made a huge splash at the World Oceans Day celebrations in St. Johns, Newfoundland and Labrador this past weekend. With over 2000 participants stopping by the Marine Institute, Baleen was greeted by many excited and enthusiastic children and adults eager to learn about our oceans, as she made her way through the busy waves of visitors and exhibitors.

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