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News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

CPAWS Manitoba adventures with Cree nation youth at colour-changing lake

Fifteen high school students as well as community members and educators from Mosakahiken Cree Nation are with CPAWS Manitoba and Twin River Travel this week at Little Limestone Lake; the world’s largest and most dramatic colour-changing marl lake

Wildlife populations devastated since 1970, suggests new WWF-Canada report - but there is hope

WWF-Canada released one of the most shocking reports of the year yesterday. The Living Planet Report Canada examined the state of Canada’s wildlife populations and confirms the sobering loss of biodiversity in Canada, concluding that half of vertebrate wildlife species in Canada have suffered population declines since 1970, with an average loss of 83% among declining populations.

When is ‘balance’ unbalanced?

I’m proud of the fact that Canadians are known for peacekeeping, hockey, and of course, our incredible wilderness. People around the world recognize Canadians for our disposition, too: we’re even-keeled, don’t fly off the handle, and are always seeking to find balance. These are commendable qualities. When it comes to protecting our land however, the word ‘balance’ has become a convenient cover for continuous encroachment and development. Let me explain why I’m concerned.

This Parks Day, Take the Road Less Traveled

Parks Day is July 15 – an annual event when Canadians celebrate the nature and wilderness protected in Canada’s national, provincial, and territorial parks.

The divine word in biology

Exploring the ways that nature is speaking to us about human relationships. A sermon given by National Executive Director Éric Hébert-Daly to First Unitarian Congregation in Ottawa.

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