News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

Six reasons why you should attend the CPAWS Talks Oceans lecture with Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle is an oceanographer who has worked her entire life to explore and protect our oceans. And, on May 25, 2015, she is making a rare appearance in Canada. Dr. Earle will be lecturing at the National Gallery of Canada in the nation’s capital, talking about her experiences and her solution for protecting our oceans

Help Protect Billions of Migratory Birds

Tonight, tomorrow night, and every night this week, one of the largest and most fascinating natural phenomena on Earth will be taking place right over our rooftops as we sleep. Billions of migratory birds that spend their winters everywhere from the U.S., Central America, and the Caribbean all the way down to the southern tip of South America are currently streaming north through southern Canada. They have their sights set on Canada’s vast boreal forest—their summer home and breeding grounds that will provide next year’s crop of migrants. Tens of millions of birds may be crossing the U.S.-Canadian border on any given night.

A trip to Lutsel K’e and Thaidene Nene

In mid-April, CPAWS National Trustees and staff held their annual spring meetings in Yellowknife, a first since the NWT Chapter was created in 1996. With 13 Chapters and a Board of Trustees that span the country, these meetings are heldin a location that will help highlight a regional conservation initiative. With the NWT Chapter hosting this year’s meetings, we were able to connect and share knowledge with local and regional Indigenous leadership on past, present and future conservation work in the NWT.

What gets under my skin

Undermining natural ecosystems in order to create economic prosperity has some serious long-term implications. It would be like a family taking their whole earnings for the month and going on a vacation instead of paying their mortgage. It catches up to you. The planetary household has a finite budget and no credit cards to carry a balance. Let’s have a rational discussion about how to sustain and encourage an abundance of life for our entire household of living creatures, of which humans are but one.

Celebrating Gros Morne

I attended the Celebration of Gros Morne at Erin’s Pub in St. John’s last month, along with about a hundred other people. What struck me was the diversity of the participants—all sharing their love for Gros Morne and wanting to show their support for keeping it free of industrial developments, such as oil and gas. The music provided by Mark Manning was great, and in between sets a few speakers talked of their experiences in Gros Morne and why they supported a buffer zone around the park as recommended by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee.

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