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News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

Special adoptions keep wilderness protection in mind.

On June 14, a herd of 400+ boreal caribou arrived on Parliament Hill ready to be adopted by Members of Parliament and Senators. MPs and Senators were invited to stop by and meet their very own caribou adoptee and learn more about which herd he or she was from and what threats they face.

CPAWS kicks off World Ocean Day!

In the week leading up to World Ocean Day, CPAWS hosted a reception on Parliament Hill with the All-Party Ocean Caucus, co-chaired by MPs Scott Simms and Fin Donnelly.

5 important lessons from my internship at CPAWS

After a long and exciting six weeks I’m nearing the end of my internship at CPAWS. Throughout my time here I’ve learned many things about the marketing communications industry and a lot about myself. Here is a list of the 5 things I’ve learned...

5 reasons to check out CPAWS Talks: Nature Needs Half

Big picture thinking. The idea that Nature Needs Half is nothing new. Many assessments over the last 20 years have typically determined that nature needs at least half of any given eco-region to be protected and interconnected with other such areas, in order to maintain its full range of life-supporting, ecological and evolutionary processes, the long term survival of the species that live there, and to ensure the system’s resilience in the face of environmental change. In fact, some ecosystems will require more than half. Simply put, Nature Needs Half, and it is time to say so. It’s time to act!

Conservation: The Natural Solution to Canada’s Challenges

I’ve sometimes heard people say that nature conservation is simply a ‘nice to have’. They claim that beautiful parks and protected areas are nice to visit and attractive to the eye, but only for those who like to paddle or camp. They don’t see conservation as a critical piece of both the environmental and economic puzzle. That’s an unfortunate approach, and largely the product of trying to solve problems in isolation of one another. The truth is that conservation is a highly effective contribution to a healthy and prosperous country.

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