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News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

CPAWS NB’s Executive Director, Roberta Clowater, Receives Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence

At CPAWS New Brunswick, we are so proud of our long-serving Executive Director, Roberta Clowater. She has just received the prestigious Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence in Land Conservation for 2015.

Caribou Tales #6: The Fight

A small light coloured female caribou lifts her lip and calls. Carl watches; he has been following her for the past few days, and keeping an eye on an older herd mate who has done the same. There have been several days of fighting over the females in the group. The males have locked horns, pushing back and forth across the now hard ground. With each breath and grunt, a curl of steam slipped into the cool air, curling around and above the great antlers of the fighters. The end of a match is marked by one caribou running away, and the winner running to the female. Carl has only participated in a few such matches. Testing his strength. Waiting. Now Carl lifts up his antlers and kno

Eric’s Thoughts on the Federal Election

Despite a long and arduous campaign, the real work now begins – the work of establishing laws, policies and approaches to meet our country’s challenges.

CPAWS Talks Forests coming to Ottawa on Nov. 5

This past May, we kicked off the first ever CPAWS Talks event with the help of Dr. Sylvia Earle, who inspired a sold-out audience to take ocean action, regardless of whether they lived near the ocean or not. This time around, we’ve invited Michael Runtz and Dr. Jeff Wells to speak about forests. They will be stressing the importance of the Ottawa Valley for boreal birds in this engaging and thought-provoking lecture.

Caribou Tales #5: Heading to a Gathering

Carla’s calf won’t come out of the thicket. She calls him, but he has found mushrooms, several large clumps, and can’t be budged. Resigned, Carla picks a leaf off a nearby tree and walks around the bushes to watch him eat. Using his nose, the calf is flipping mushrooms over, then chewing them up, grunting happily during the process. His nose is covered in dirt. Carla longs to touch that nose with its soft fur and black tip. She reaches out, but suddenly he throws himself against a nearby tree, rubbing his head vigorously against the trunk, shutting his eyes in pure joy as he itches one then another of many insect bites.

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