News and views on conservation in Canada, and updates from CPAWS chapters across the country.

Caribou Tales #4: Machines in the Forest

The moonlight glints off an object that looms in the dark, yellow and green. Around it all trees have disappeared. The opening in the forest is as vast as a large river, trees tilting and falling away from the edges as though staggering back from a blow. The opening stretches further than Carl can see, straight like a hawk falling on its prey. He shivers. Around him it’s not silence he hears, a sound that normally hums with the whirs and buzz of life quietly spinning about, but the sound of emptiness.

CPAWS welcomes announcement of Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve

July 31 was a big day for conservation in Newfoundland and Labrador. The federal and provincial environment ministers joined with the Grand Chief of the Innu Nation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to announce Canada’s 46th national park – the 10,700 km2 Akami-uapishku –KakKasuak – Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve in Labrador. CPAWS welcomes the exciting news that Parks Canada and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador have finalized an agreement to transfer lands from the provincial to the federal government to create the park, as well as the conclusion of an Impacts and Benefits Agreement between Parks Canada and the Innu Nation.

A birthday blog in honour of my mother

42 years ago today, my mother gave birth to me - and began a life-long love of nature. My mother was also a lumberjack.

Caribou Tales #3: A great crash

Something is happening, the ravens called out. Carl lifts his head to listen, then turns away as a particularly green patch of lichen catches his eye. Something is happening; a chipmunk’s cry pierces through the air. Carl moves sideways, uneasy, closer to his herd mates. Then they hear the rumble and beeps, and soon start to feel the earth shake, but cannot fathom what the feeling might mean.

Momentum for Gros Morne buffer zone continues to build!

For the third summer in a row, local volunteers will be reaching out to Gros Morne visitors and residents. They’ll be encouraging people who are visiting the park or living by it to support establishing a buffer zone to protect it permanently from industrial threats such as oil drilling and fracking.

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