Take action: Use your voice for the National Biodiversity Strategy

It’s time. We are calling on you, once again, to join with CPAWS and use your voice to defend nature.

Over the past 15 months, we’ve seen historic momentum on conservation. Encouraging steps are being taken to ensure nature is thriving for our children and grandchildren:

In December 2022, at COP 15, a global deal to save biodiversity was struck when countries around the world agreed to the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF).

In February, numerous commitments were made to safeguard the ocean at the Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5).

In May, CPAWS was heartened by the collaboration between Federal, Provincial, Territorial and other governments that committed to work together to achieve the goals of the GBF.

In July, you joined almost 4,000 CPAWS supporters that urged Canada to draft a national biodiversity strategy that prioritizes Indigenous-led conservation, is bold and ambitious, and ensures all branches of government are working together.

Your voice matters and we need your help again. We know we can count on you to take action when nature needs you to.

In December, the federal government released a milestones document that shared the framework for the national biodiversity strategy. We need to keep focus and momentum on this critical planning to ensure Canada meets its commitment to halt and reverse biodiversity loss, including by protecting at least 30% of land, freshwater and ocean by 2030 so nature, and our children and grandchildren, can thrive into the future.

We need you to remind the federal decision makers that they must keep driving the hard work of turning promises into protection for land and ocean in Canada.

The National Biodiversity Strategy offers one of the biggest opportunities to protect nature in our history. Twenty Canadian environmental NGOs, including CPAWS, have come together to provide recommendations to government decision makers to ensure the National Biodiversity Strategy is constructed for success and is the best possible framework to halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

Now, environmental organizations are asking our respective supporters to use their powerful, collective voice to tell Canada it can’t stop now. We’ve drafted a letter you can easily send to federal government leadership in charge of safeguarding biodiversity by clicking the link below to tell them that we need bold, ambitious action by all government departments that is adequately supported by long-term funding and puts Indigenous-led conservation at the top of Canada’s plan for nature.

Thank you for once again prioritizing nature protection and taking action with CPAWS and nature champions across Canada.