It’s Time to Disrupt Business as Usual for Climate Change

By: Anika Hazra, National Conservation Communications Coordinator

Join CPAWS on Friday, September 27th as we march in solidarity with concerned citizens and groups across 150 countries for the Global Climate Strike. This is a worldwide movement led by youth who are empowered to take charge of how society responds to the climate crisis. They are imploring people of all generations to join them in calling for an end to the use of fossil fuels and supporting climate justice. The goal is to make everyone, especially political leaders, pay attention to an emergency that cannot be ignored a moment longer.

At CPAWS, we have been working towards protecting Canada’s environment from the threats of habitat destruction and climate change for decades. We have long recognized that climate change exacerbates the loss of species and significantly reduces the ability of ecosystems to sustain wildlife. We stand with scientific evidence, and the science says immediate action is required to curb climate change!

Through our campaigns, we have encouraged the public to support our efforts to secure protection for Canada’s land and waters, with the goal of protecting at least half of Canada. The establishment of large, interconnected protected areas allows wildlife to move between habitats in response to climate shifts that are already underway. We are also working with governments to develop rules that hold industries accountable for their greenhouse gas emissions. Check out our recently published climate report for our policy recommendations for making use of nature-based solutions to address climate change and biodiversity loss simultaneously.

It’s important to listen to what younger generations have to say about the climate crisis, as they will be the ones to deal with the repercussions of decisions made today. As stated in an article in The Guardian written by Greta Thunberg and 46 other youth activists for Fridays for Future, “…this is not a single-generation job.” Youth need our involvement to pull off the drastic change we need for a safer, more sustainable future.

CPAWS wholeheartedly supports this movement. You can join CPAWS National office staff – and meet our new National Executive Director, Sandra Schwartz – at Confederation Park in Ottawa on Friday, September 27th at 11:30am. Check out the Facebook event page for more details on the Ottawa climate strike, and visit the Global Climate Strike website to find a strike event happening near you. If you can’t make it to a strike in person, there are other ways you can help. Get involved any way you can!

Strike locations across Canada (note: strikes are taking place on September 20th and 27th):










Fredericton (strike on the 20th)

St. John’s



Whitehorse (strike on the 20th)

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