CPAWS 2016 AGM Notice and Nominations for the CPAWS National Board Announcement

For more information, please contact us at info@localhost or by phone at: 1-800-333-9453 Nominations for the CPAWS National Board Under CPAWS’ bylaws, members of the Board of Trustees are elected for three-year terms. Trustees can be re-elected for a maximum of six, or in some cases nine, years. All trustees are volunteers. Each year, the Board chooses a Nominations Committee to recommend candidates to fill vacancies arising from trustees reaching their term limits or deciding to resign. The Committee follows policies which are intended to ensure that the Board has a combination of relevant skills, experience at the chapter level, and geographic balance. It seeks suggestions through the CPAWS website and from current and past Trustees, Chapter Directors, and friends of CPAWS. As per the provisions in the CPAWS bylaws, the each of following trustees has decided to stand for re-election to the CPAWS National Board for an additional three-year term: – Vincent Castellucci (2nd term) – Bob Halfyard (2nd term) – Philippa Lawson (3rd term) – Nikita Lopoukhine (2nd term) – Mike Robinson (2nd term) After discussing additional possible candidates, the Nominations Committee and the Board of Trustees are recommending a new trustee to serve for a three-year term – Kwiaahwah Jones. A brief biography of this nominee follows. Biographies of existing trustees, including those nominated for re-election, can be found at: While the Nominations Committee makes every effort to put together the best slate, our bylaws allow any member who feels that the slate falls short of the needs of CPAWS to submit alternative candidates.  Any such nominations should be submitted no later than August 19, 2015, to Eric Hébert-Daly, National Executive Director, at eric@localhost.  Nominations must include the name of the nominee, their written consent, address, phone number, email, and a brief biography. Any additional nominations will result in a mail-in election, which can be costly in terms of time and the money donated by members. To ensure that donation money is not used wastefully, CPAWS bylaws require that any additional candidate be supported by the signatures of 25 people who were members of CPAWS at the time of this notice. To confirm your attendance, please contact Andrée Charlebois at acharlebois@localhost and she will provide you with call-in information and circulate the AGM agenda in advance of the meeting. Proposed New Trustee Bio Kwiaahwah (Kwi) Jones was born in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii on June 25, 1983, and is a member of the Naasagas Xaaydagaay clan on her Haida side, and the Ganada clan on her Nisga’aa side. She spent her childhood actively participating in her father and grandfather’s successful fishing business, much of this time living aboard the seiner Kwiaahwah. As a result of her childhood explorations, Kwi knows the Northwest Coast well, and Haida Gwaii (and especially Gwaii Haanas). As a result of her family’s fishing success, she also has had the opportunity to travel widely on family vacations in the South Pacific. After completing her schooling in Haida Gwaii, Kwi began a decade- long series of mentorships and personal study in traditional Haida design and regalia making. In 2005 she won the prestigious Vancouver International Airport Art Foundation Scholarship. From 2007 to 2009 Kwi was a curator at the Haida Gwaii Museum at the Kaay Illnagaay Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate. During this time, she volunteered with the Haida Repatriation Committee, and worked with the Haida repatriation process. In 2009 the committee worked to bring 21 Haida to study the Haida Collections at the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and British Museum and begin negotiations for the return of ancestral remains and treasures. Her book Gina ‘Waadluxan Tluu: The Everything Canoe was published in 2010. That year she also became guest curator, and then curator at the Bill Reid Gallery (BRG) of Northwest Coast Art in Vancouver. Kwi held this position until April 2016, when she resigned to move home to Skidegate to pursue her artistic, cultural and business pursuits. Kwi brings a Millennial indigenous perspective to all the work she does. She is renowned in the Vancouver Indigenous community for her political awareness, her dedication to giving back, and her artistic abilities in song, drawing, painting, and traditional Haida design. Her presentation at the Sam Sullivan Public Salon in 2014 is still discussed in the civic arts community, and her final curatorial work at the BRG, the landmark exhibition Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People captured the extraordinary energy of Haida Gwaii, both feeding the creative spirit, and inspiring all humanity with ceremony that expresses a profound connection to place.