We focus on protecting large tracts of land, oceans and great freshwater lakes so species like grizzlies, woodland caribou and wolverine have room to roam, and whales and fish can thrive.

Canada's rich and diverse wildlife is a national icon.  The Boreal forest is home to billions of migratory songbirds, and the Rockies are home to some of the last large mammal populations in North America. We have an incredible opportunity to keep large unbroken tracts of wilderness protected for wildlife.

What CPAWS is doing

Here are some of the species we're working to protect:

Woodland caribou

Woodland caribou herds have declined significantly in the last 100 years. Several herds have disappeared completely. Evidence suggests the majority of these herds will go extinct without conservation action. Lean more and take action at CaribouAndYou.ca.

Atlantic Salmon

The Restigouche River and its tributaries support one of the most productive wild Atlantic salmon populations, with some of the largest salmon, in eastern Canada. CPAWS is working to protect the Restigouche watershed.  Learn more and take action.


Grizzly bears need room to roam, and Canada's interconnected mountain parks are ideal habitat.  However, development and industrial pressure in the Rocky Mountain region are reducing the bears' numbers. Learn more at CPAWS Southern Alberta.

Take Action!

Protect Canada's Species at Risk!
Protect Canada's Species at Risk!
Having a strong federal Species at Risk Act is essential to protect our most vulnerable plants and animals, and the habitat they need to survive and recover on federal lands. Over 650 species are at risk of disappearing forever. Speak up now for a strong federal Species at Risk Act!
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Sign the pledge for caribou
Sign the pledge for caribou

By saving the threatened woodland caribou's remaining Boreal forest habitat across Canada, we'll also help protect one of the world's largest remaining carbon reserves, and slow the effects of climate change.

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Keep the Flathead Wild
Keep the Flathead Wild
The Flathead Valley is one of the most biologically important places on earth. A key connection for animals moving north and south through the Rocky Mountains, it is a magical place of great wildness that has never been settled by humans. Help create a National Park in this special area.
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Create a National Park in the South Okanagan-Similkameen
Create a National Park in the South Okanagan-Similkameen

This badger and his desert friends need your help. Their habitat – a dry, warm landscape in southern B.C. – continues to disappear at an alarming rate due to human settlement. You can help create a National Park!

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Keep the Restigouche Wild
Keep the Restigouche Wild
The Restigouche Watershed is one of Eastern Canada's most spectacular wild watersheds, spreading over 1 million hectares of northern New Brunswick and Quebec's Gaspe region. Only 1% is protected from development, leaving its wild habitats open for logging, mining and development.
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Comments on Mt. Norquay Ski Area Site Guidelines for Development and Use (2011)

CPAWS Southern Alberta outlines concerns about guidelines for Mount Norquay in Banff, which would adversely affect grizzlies.

CPAWS Yukon newsletter - Spring 2011 (2011)

Updates on CPAWS' campaign to protect the Peel watershed.

A Grizzly Challenge (2010)

Ensuring a future for Alberta's threatened grizzlies

Speaking notes on the Federal Species at Risk Act (2010)

Presented to the Federal Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development on April 27| 2010.

BC’s Glass Sponge Reefs, Jurassic Park Submerged (2009)

CPAWS information brochure about BC'S Glass Sponge Reefs.

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