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For Judith Davidson, monthly giving comes naturally!

One of my biggest career decisions was whether to work in wildlife protection or healthcare. I ended up choosing healthcare, while keeping my dedication to wildlife as an important aspect of my personal life. While on a cycling trip a few years later I met Jean Langlois, then executive-director of the Ottawa Valley chapter. That’s when I first learned about CPAWS and discovered that this organization was about the things that mattered to me.

I feel that with Canada’s beautiful expanses of wilderness, its protection should be our primary intent, so we don’t have to work on recovery later. Many aspects of CPAWS align with my personal philosophy of how we can do this. The Parks report, “Protecting Canada: Is it in our nature?” by Alison Woodley and others exemplifies CPAWS’ work to remind federal, provincial and territorial governments of their land protection goals and encourage them to move beyond these. I love that rather than being antagonistic, CPAWS works in a collaborative, knowledgeable way with the governments who manage the vast majority of Canada’s land base.

Having been a graduate student for more years than I’ll admit, when I met Jean I could not afford to donate to many charities. It was more satisfying to donate to one than to spread my small surplus among several. I knew CPAWS would be the one. One year, I earned some extra money and donated it to CPAWS, on my birthday. I continued this tradition for a few years. Now that I’m working full-time, CPAWS remains my primary charity.

It’s important for any organization to have reliable support for its day-to-day operations. That’s why I make a regular monthly donation. The reports and other updates from CPAWS, including the media coverage, show me that it’s working. In addition to monthly support, I still give an annual donation, close to my birthday. I like to think of our caribou and other wildlife as having a wide range to roam. It’s an uplifting feeling to support an organization that has the same vision!