What Will It Take to Get to 30% by 2030?

All governments in Canada need to work together to make it happen. Keep scrolling to see where we are now with nature protection and where we need to go.


Canada has committed to protect 30% of land and ocean by 2030. Based on existing protected and conserved areas, our governments are less than half way there.


*Protection of land falls largely under the responsibility of provinces and territories, while the federal government has primary jurisdiction over ocean protection. The map selection options below reflect this. Achieving Canada’s 30% protection target requires all governments do their part.

Federal Marine A- Federal Terrestrial B+ Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Arctic Ocean F A- F C- D F B+ F B- C B N/A B-

Canada’s governments don’t have a perfect track record.

We’ve had highs and lows across the country. Some regions of Canada made stellar grades in meeting past protection targets, while others fell behind. The country now has a new target to meet: 30% protection of land and ocean by 2030. The science says that 30-70% of the Earth’s land and ocean needs to be protected to sustain a healthy planet – for all living things.

Achievable Goals

Protecting 30% of Canada might sound like a nature-lover's dream. We have shown that the 30X30 target is realistic and achievable by identifying opportunities that could more than double Canada’s protected land and ocean. But only if all of Canada’s governments get on board and get to work now.

The Bottom Line, in Six Parts

Collaborate to Achieve 30% Protection by 2030


Set Ambitious Regional Protection Targets


Prioritize Indigenous-led conservation


Complete Existing Conservation Projects


Identify More Areas for Protection


Increase Long-Term Funding for Nature Protection


Check out our 2021 Report Card for Canada, Roadmap to 2030, and 2021 Ocean Report to learn more about the progress Canada has made in protecting nature and how we can meet the 30X30 target.

Roadmap to 2030: Delivering on Canada’s Land and Ocean Protection Targets
Roadmap to 2030: Delivering on Canada's Land and Ocean Protection Targets
The Grades Are In: A Report Card on Canada’s Progress in Protecting its Land and Ocean
The Grades Are In: A report card on Canada's progress in protecting its land and ocean
MPA Monitor - Assessing Canada's Marine Protected Areas - 2021
MPA Monitor: Assessing Canada's marine protected areas


You can make a difference. Take action in the fight against biodiversity loss and climate change by using your voice to help protect land and ocean in Canada. We can’t wait.