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CPAWS believes that conservation should be based on sound science. That's why CPAWS researchers and affiliates are staying on the cutting edge of conservation biology. Here are some of our recent reports.

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Looking for Action: Caribou losing ground - December 2014

This report is our second annual review of Canada’s progress in conserving boreal woodland caribou habitat since the 2012 release of the federal recovery strategy for boreal caribou under the Species-at-Risk Act (SARA).

Population Critical: How are Canada’s Boreal Woodland Caribou Faring? - 2013

In our first annual assessment of how well provinces and territories are doing in meeting their obligations to protect boreal caribou since the federal recovery strategy for the species was released in 2012, the majority get bottom marks for lagging so far behind in protecting one of Canada’s most iconic species at risk.

Canadian Wilderness Fall 2013 - 2013

This issue of Canadian Wilderness commemorates what CPAWS has accomplished in its first half century. It profiles some of the leaders who have built our organization over those 50 years and some of the staff and volunteers who carry on that tradition today.

CPAWS response to the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan - 2011

CPAWS responds to Alberta's plan for the future of the oilsands region.

Cliffs Chromite Project in Ontario’s “Ring of Fire” - 2011

CPAWS and Mining Watch Canada joint letter to the Federal Government regarding the environmental assessment of the Cliffs Chromite Project in Ontario's "Ring of Fire".

Canadian Wilderness, Fall 2010 - 2010


  • Joining Forces in the Boreal forest
    Conservation groups and forestry companies are dropping their grudges in a new era of collaboration and conservation.
  • Nova Scotia breakthrough
    Forest companies and conservation groups agree on wilderness protection.


  • President's desk:  New approaches for ancient places
  • Conservation Watch: Anglers, geotourists, and Boreal leaders
  • CPAWS News across Canada: New parks, and support for protected areas
  • CPAWS People: Walking the (Sky)Line for CPAWS
Caribou and the North: A Shared Future - 2008

by Monte Hummel, Justina C. Ray

"If the caribou die, then we die." These few words speak eloquently to the significance of caribou for northern peoples. They were spoken not by a wise old chief, but by a 13-year-old Dene youth in 2007 during a hearing regarding uranium exploration on the caribou wintering grounds.

CPAWS Public Forest Carbon Briefing Notes, April 2009 - 2009
Death by a Thousand Cuts - 2006

Impact of in-situ oilsands development on Alberta's Boreal Forest

Endangered Boreal Forests - 2007

Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta

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