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CPAWS believes that conservation should be based on sound science. That's why CPAWS researchers and affiliates are staying on the cutting edge of conservation biology. Here are some of our recent reports.


Caribou and the North: A Shared Future - 2008

by Monte Hummel, Justina C. Ray

"If the caribou die, then we die." These few words speak eloquently to the significance of caribou for northern peoples. They were spoken not by a wise old chief, but by a 13-year-old Dene youth in 2007 during a hearing regarding uranium exploration on the caribou wintering grounds.

Rendezvous with the Wild - 2004

Edited by James Raffan

Rendezvous with the Wild brings the majesty of Canada's vast boreal landscape to readers across Canada and around the world. Ten of last year's Rendezvous river journeys in Canada's boreal have been captured in a collection of photographs, essays, stories, poems, journal entries, and artwork. The book is edited by best-selling author and CPAWS' 2004 national tour host James Raffan and includes contributions by CPAWS Boreal Patrons and more than 70 prominent Canadians who participated in CPAWS' Boreal Rendezvous 2003. Rendezvous with the Wild - The Boreal Forest is the first hard cover book in North America to be printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.

To purchase, contact us at 1-800-333-WILD

Ten Rivers: Adventure stories from the Arctic - 2005

by Ed Struzik

Award-winning writer Ed Struzik takes us on a jouney down 10 rivers in the Canadian Arctic, each with its own specially illustrated map. Along the way he describes the people, the landscapes, the wildlife and the history that have made this part of the world such an inspiration to artists and adventurers alike.

Three Rivers: The Yukon’s Great Boreal Wilderness - 2007

Edited by Juri Peepre and Sarah Locke

"Three Rivers: The Yukon's Great Boreal Wilderness, a small masterpiece released ... by Harbour Publishing, has photographs of the landscape that will take your breath away - and remind you of what it means to be Canadian."
Mark Hume, Globe & Mail

This sumptuous coffee table book is packed with awe-inspiring photography, art and fine writings by such notables as Margaret Atwood, Courtney Milne and John Ralston Saul. This book provides an unforgettable tour of the Yukon's northern boreal wonderland rich in grizzlies, wolves, caribou, peregrine falcons, wild waters and wildflowers. The book is a hardcover, measuring 11x10 inches, totalling 148 pages.

Currently out of print.

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