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We RAVE about the Flathead: CPAWS helps award-winning photographers document B.C.‘s Flathead River V

Something cool just happened in B.C.’s Flathead River Valley. Award-winning, international photographers just wrapped their RAVE – Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition. They fanned out over the Flathead for 10 days, capturing the beauty of this threatened world and donating their images to conservation. These shooters conducted all manner of photography, from aerials and landscapes to underwater river photography. They even set up remote cameras to covertly photograph the valley’s large animals.

This was Canada’s first RAVE by this International League of Conservation Photographers. No surprise that they picked the Flathead – a Rocky Mountain wonderland threatened by proposed industrial development. It’s become an international issue, recently sparking a fact-finding investigation by UNESCO.

CPAWS has fought to protect B.C.’s Flathead Valley for three decades. We want to thank very sincerely the generosity of the ILCP photographers who rose in the early mornings and hiked late into the evenings to capture the best light for these images. 

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