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Victory! Alberta grizzly bear listed as species at risk

CPAWS welcomes the June 3rd announcement that the Alberta government has listed the Grizzly Bear as a threatened species.   

“This is a great day! CPAWS Southern and Northern Alberta chapters and other provincial conservation groups have put years of effort into achieving this outcome,” says Sarah Elmeligi, Senior Conservation Planner for CPAWS Southern Alberta. ‘We thank our many supporters who spoke out on this issue.”

According to the government’s press release, “The Alberta government has designated grizzly bears as a threatened species in an effort to better protect the bears and sustain the provincial population.

“The designation is based on cutting-edge population research and habitat data, as well as a recommendation from the Endangered Species Conservation Committee (ESCC), a group of stakeholders including ranchers, industry, academics, wildlife managers and conservation interests.”

“I would like to thank the broad group of partners and staff who assisted in gathering population and habitat information to provide an excellent snapshot of the status of grizzly bears in Alberta,” said Mel Knight, Minister of Sustainable Resource Development. “Their research allowed a thorough population assessment and has provided the necessary baseline to compare future work.”

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