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Read about CPAWS' successes

Jun 26 17
Six months in, we’ve already achieved so much together for Canada’s lands and waters
Aug 29 16
CPAWS Southern Alberta Recognized for Excellence in Environmental Education
Nov 09 15
CPAWS NB’s Executive Director, Roberta Clowater, Receives Lieutenant-Governor’s Award for Excellence
Sep 04 15
Alberta’s Castle wilderness to be protected!
Nov 10 14
CPAWS heads to World Parks Congress to promote “thinking big” and “connecting more people to nature”
Oct 03 14
Good news for St Lawrence belugas… for now
Jul 08 14
CPAWS receives top rating from Charity Intelligence Canada
Dec 13 13
An Important Victory for Gros Morne National Park
Aug 01 13
Nova Scotia releases final protected areas plan
Jun 19 13
CPAWS welcomes Sable Island National Park Reserve
Feb 28 13
CPAWS welcomes new protected areas for Nova Scotia
Dec 14 12
Québec creates Canada’s largest provincial park
Oct 05 12
CPAWS responds to federal caribou recovery strategy
Jun 28 12
CPAWS Applauds Breakthrough Plan for Caribou in Ontario’s Northeast
Jun 06 12
CPAWS welcomes protection of Chignecto in Nova Scotia
Sep 06 11
Caribou recovery strategy represents progress, but loopholes worrisome
Aug 05 11
CPAWS welcomes federal court decision on caribou
Jul 27 11
Conservation groups support compromise Peel plan
Jul 04 11
CPAWS welcomes new Fisher Bay Park in Manitoba
Jul 01 11
Where the Wild Things Are and Helping Kids Find Them
Jun 25 11
CPAWS cheers new provincial park at Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake
Jun 20 11
CPAWS Applauds huge Boreal protection announcement in Manitoba
Jun 16 11
A big step forward for more protected areas in Nova Scotia
Jun 08 11
CPAWS welcomes federal Oceans Day announcement of new marine protected areas
May 24 11
CPAWS welcomes addition to Grasslands National Park
May 17 11
Agreement could lead to Quebec’s second largest provincial park
May 11 11
New and ready to share - a CPAWS video
Apr 21 11
Nova Scotia proposes largest new protected area in over a decade
Apr 19 11
Big companies add their support to the Boreal Agreement
Mar 30 11
Nova Scotia land purchases welcome news
Feb 24 11
CPAWS welcomes Quebec premier’s confirmation of intent to protect at least half of northern Boreal
Feb 07 11
Minister’s decision to withdraw Bill 29: an encouraging step for Alberta’s Parks and Protected Areas
Dec 24 10
What a year it’s been for wilderness! CPAWS sends seasonal greetings
Dec 02 10
Big new Manitoba parks announced
Dec 01 10
CPAWS welcomes Nova Scotia move to reduce clearcutting by 50%
Nov 26 10
CPAWS Quebec takes on important advisory role for province’s conservation plans
Nov 25 10
Alberta shines as Minister withdraws Bill 29
Nov 23 10
Caribou and economy win with new hydro line route in northwest Ontario
Jun 15 10
Success! Gwaii Haanas NMCA approved by Parliament
Jun 08 10
Canada moves to protect B.C.‘s precious Glass Sponge Reefs
Jun 07 10
Parliamentary breakthrough for Canada’s first deep sea national marine conservation area
Jun 04 10
Victory! Alberta grizzly bear listed as species at risk
May 18 10
CPAWS proud partner in new Boreal forest leadership agreement
May 18 10
CPAWS welcomes new national park for Nova Scotia
May 14 10
CPAWS welcomes extension of oil and gas moratorium on Georges Bank
Apr 07 10
CPAWS welcomes New Brunswick forest research partnership funds
Apr 07 10
CPAWS welcomes step forward towards new NWT national park
Mar 30 10
CPAWS applauds major land purchases in Nova Scotia
Mar 24 10
SNAP Québec welcomes Bill to reinstate Mont-Orford Park lands
Mar 11 10
CPAWS welcomes continued ban on Alberta grizzly bear hunt
Feb 19 10
Historic Agreement for Flathead River Basin Announced Today
Feb 10 10
British Columbia announces ban on mining, oil and gas in Flathead
Feb 05 10
CPAWS welcomes today’s announcement of new parks for Mealy Mountains, Labrador
Feb 05 10
Conservation groups welcome Yukon decision to halt new industrial exploration in Peel watershed
Dec 08 09
CPAWS Yukon strongly supports large-scale protection recommended in Peel Watershed Land Use Plan
Nov 03 09
New poll shows strong local support for Flathead national park
Jun 19 09
Nahanni park expansion enshrined in law
Jun 09 09
A proud day for Canada: Nahanni becomes one of world’s greatest parks
Apr 16 09
CPAWS welcomes permanent protection for Saoyú - ?ehdacho in NWT
Oct 31 08
CPAWS’ northern B.C conservation success featured in National Geographic
Oct 30 08
World Conservation Congress call for large-scale landscape protection
Apr 07 08
CPAWS welcomes next step in protecting Nahanni watershed
Aug 29 07
Major success for Nahanni
Aug 09 07
Watch CPAWS comment on Nahanni Expansion on CTV News
Jul 25 07
Saskatchewan poised to double protection of Great Sand Hills
Jul 23 07
Manitoba’s colour-changing lake becomes park reserve
Jul 03 07
CPAWS welcomes federal step towards protecting NWT’s Great Boreal wilderness
May 22 07
Nova Scotia establishes Blandford Nature Reserve: conservation status upgraded from game sanctuary
May 18 07
CPAWS presents 3500 Nahanni postcards to Environment Minister
Mar 12 07
CPAWS welcomes federal commitment to protect important NWT ecological and cultural site
Feb 06 07
CPAWS welcomes Baird’s personal commitment to conservation in the north