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Jul 31 15
A birthday blog in honour of my mother
Mar 27 15
Lively Discussion About Protecting Wilderness At Holden Lake And South Panuke
Mar 16 15
FSC commitment a step in the right direction for improved forestry in Southwestern Nova Scotia
Jan 21 14
Nature at Home: Sometimes the landscapes most in need of protection are those in our own backyards
Dec 20 13
2013: The Year in Conservation
Aug 01 13
Nova Scotia releases final protected areas plan
Jun 19 13
CPAWS welcomes Sable Island National Park Reserve
Feb 28 13
CPAWS welcomes new protected areas for Nova Scotia
Feb 12 13
CPAWS welcomes legislation for Sable Island National Park, but oil and gas allowances worrisome
Dec 11 12
CPAWS welcomes Bowater land purchase in Nova Scotia
Oct 29 12
Parks Canada cuts in action: Keji closed for the season
Jun 06 12
CPAWS welcomes protection of Chignecto in Nova Scotia
May 23 12
Birch Cove Lakes: Halifax’s near-urban wilderness
Feb 23 12
Chignecto is an ecological gem
Dec 02 11
CPAWS welcomes agreement to expand public land base in Nova Scotia
Dec 01 11
Straighten road…destroy a park
Aug 17 11
Nova Scotia strategy calls for 50% reduction in clearcutting in 5 years
Jun 27 11
CPAWS bioblitz at Chignecto bolsters conservation
Jun 17 11
2000 square kilometres in Nova Scotia!
Jun 16 11
A big step forward for more protected areas in Nova Scotia
Apr 21 11
Nova Scotia proposes largest new protected area in over a decade
Apr 12 11
Protecting Chignecto
Dec 01 10
CPAWS welcomes Nova Scotia move to reduce clearcutting by 50%
Nov 26 10
Intact forests in Nova Scotia disappearing