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Quebec protected wilderness areas grow to 8% of province:

CPAWS welcomes next step on the way to 50%

Quebec – CPAWS (known as “SNAP” in Quebec) congratulates the Quebec government for committing another 18,043 sq. km. to new protected areas within the province. The latest increase, announced by Premier Jean Charest today, brings the total amount of protected area in Quebec to 8%. That meets the goal set by the government in 2001.


SNAP\'s Marie-Eve Marchand with
Quebec Premier Jean Charest

CPAWS believes this is a significant step towards a sustainable future for Quebec, important to protecting the province’s rich biodiversity and to the fight against climate change. In his announcement, Premier Charest reiterated the promise he made last summer during the provincial election campaign to protect at least 50% of northern Quebec’s Boreal forest.

“The conservation of our northern wilderness is vital, not only for endangered species such as the woodland caribou, but also for the ecological benefits, such as the purification of air and water and storing carbon,” says Marie-Eve Marchand of CPAWS Quebec.

“The need to protect at least 50% of the northern Boreal forest is based on rigorous scientific criteria. Such protection would allow Quebec to work towards a healthy environment and to position itself a leader in the global movement for sustainable development. That would be an achievement worthy of the twenty-first century,” Marchand added.

In addition, CPAWS called attention to the role of First Nations and Inuit in contributing to conservation and the fair and balanced growth of the province.

“The First Nations and Inuit possess a vast traditional knowledge of this natural heritage, and their involvement in every aspect of conservation represents a huge step forward,” said new SNAP-Quebec executive director, Hervé Jodoin.


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