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Plaster Rock School Wins “Watch Your Paws Club” Challenge from CPAWS NB

  • Published on Jul 07 2008 |
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FREDERICTON - The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, NB Chapter (CPAWS NB) is pleased to announce that the Donald Fraser Memorial School in Plaster Rock has won the “Watch Your Paws Club” Challenge for 2008. The Challenge involved having classes undertake stewardship activities, such as raising awareness in their school or community of the need for environmentally-friendly recreation in nature. “We are really impressed with the content of the Watch Your Paws submissions this year. Hundreds of elementary school students from around the province submitted posters, plays, brochures and dioramas to show how much they appreciate natural areas, and the ways they make sure that their actions help conserve those special habitats and wildlife. The winning classes of grades 3, 4 and 5 from Donald Fraser Memorial School in Plaster Rock sent in samples of their stewardship activities, and also videos showing over 80 of them presenting their action ideas to the other students and teachers,” said Roberta Clowater, Executive Director of CPAWS NB.

Sarah MacMillan, one of the program’s Conservation Educators from project partner Cogent Consortium, said, "After taking our Watch Your Paws presentations and activities to over 1200 students this year, we are so excited to have received the creative and inspiring submissions from all of the students. We are awarding honourable mentions to classes in Aroostook Elementary (3-5), Millidgeville North School (3&4), and Salem Elementary (3&4, Sackville). A selection of submissions from all of the schools will be posted on the CPAWS NB website,”

Roberta Clowater added, “We want to thank all of the children who entered the contest for showing us what an impressive group of future community leaders we have in our schools. We’re looking forward to taking the pizza party prize to the Donald Fraser Memorial School on June 19, and showing our appreciation in person.”

CPAWS established the “Watch Your Paws Club” to encourage environmentally-responsible behaviour in nature, and to recognize the role of children in helping with wildlife and wilderness conservation. This project and the “Watch Your Paws Club” Challenge had been made possible through the generosity of the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund, the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund and the Shell Environmental Fund.

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The winners were also featured in the Victoria Star:
Helping nature earns students a pizza party (, July 2, 2008 )

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