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ONTARIO: Bou needs your help to protect Boreal woodland caribou

  • Published on Jan 22 2010 |
  • This article is tagged as: caribou

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Ontario\'s Boreal woodland caribou are losing space to live, fast. In fact, the caribou\'s rate of habitat loss is about 35,000 square km per decade. By protecting the caribou\'s Boreal habitat we also protect ourselves, because the Boreal forest where caribou live is a major store of carbon. We already know that woodland caribou have lost 50% of their range, so we need to act now to ensure the species\' survival .

Please take a moment to send a message to the Ontario government to protect woodland caribou and their Boreal forest habitat. CPAWS is asking the government to put an immediate halt to logging and road building in the commercial forest that is critical for the Boreal caribou\'s survival, until permanently protected areas are created.

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