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Nova Scotia establishes Blandford Nature Reserve: conservation status upgraded from game sanctuary

Halifax, Nova Scotia - Public lands within the Blandford Game Sanctuary will be designated as a nature reserve.
That was the announcement made by the Nova Scotia government on Friday, indicating that the conservation status of the site would be upgraded from its current game sanctuary designation to a nature reserve (the highest form of land-based protection in Nova Scotia).
"This is an important recognition by the province that a nature reserve is a far more effective designation for ecologically significant areas than game sanctuaries", says Chris Miller, Wilderness Conservation Coordinator for CPAWS-NS. "We welcome the government’s decision and we congratulate the local community groups who campaigned so hard to have the public lands at Blandford properly protected".
CPAWS-NS has been advocating for the upgrade in the conservation status of the Blandford site for the past two years, since game sanctuaries in Nova Scotia lack the legislative and administrative tools to protect habitat. Unlike nature reserves, game sanctuaries do not prevent activities such as clearcutting, mining, road-building, or development.
The Blandford Nature Reserve is located on the Aspotogan Peninsula, just west of Halifax. It contains a number of important ecological features, including old jack pine forests, coastal barrens, significant wetlands, rare plants and lichens, and concentrations of migratory birds.
CPAWS-NS will now focus its intentions on upgrading the conservation status of the Chignecto Game Sanctuary. This site, located near the New Brunswick border, is home to one of the largest remaining populations of endangered mainland moose in Nova Scotia.