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Nahanni park expansion enshrined in law

CPAWS is thrilled that Bill C-38, an Act to amend the National Parks Act to expand Nahanni National Park Reserve to over 30,000 km2, six  times its original size,  is now enshrined in law. The Bill was passed by the Canadian House of Commons on June 17th, by the Senate on June 18th and on that very same day was given Royal Assent by Governor General Michaelle Jean.  We’re not sure but we think this may be a speed record for passing legislation through the House and the Senate and receiving Royal Assent.

CPAWS wishes to thank the DehCho First Nations for their vision and devotion to protecting the greater Nahanni ecosystem which lies within their traditional territory. We also thank the dedicated staff of Parks Canada who worked alongside members of the DehCho First Nations to complete the park expansion. And we thank the leadership of the Government of Stephen Harper and all of the opposition parties who came together to speed passage of the legislation this past week.

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