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Nahanni Bat Research Discovers 7 New Species

In 2006, CPAWS-NWT received a research grant from Mountain Equipment Co-op to do a bat survey along the South Nahanni River and in the Nahanni karstlands.  Bat researcher Cori Lausen, along with Parks Canada staff, carried out the survey over three weeks in July and August 2006, by raft along the river and by helicopter in the karstlands. 

Until now, nobody has done a bat survey in the NWT.  We wanted to find out which bats make their home in the Nahanni area. 

The Bat Team identified seven bat species in the Nahanni area, by capture and acoustic recordings.  This study was a first step toward understanding the Nahanni area's bats, but more work will need to be done to understand the details of how it's used by bats.  Because as many as eight bat species find ways to meet their different needs in the Nahanni watershed and karstlands, protecting the entire watershed and the karstlands will help make sure that bats continue to find a home in the NWT.

Download the full Nahanni bat research report here.