Aug 01 13

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Nova Scotia releases final protected areas plan

HALIFAX – The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) welcomes today’s announcement by the Nova Scotia government that it will protect huge swaths of the province for conservation. In total, approximately a quarter million hectares of land will be added to the parks an protected areas system in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia is emerging as a leader in Canada for the protection of wilderness,” says Chris Miller, National Conservation Biologist for CPAWS. “Great progress is being made protecting the most ecologically significant areas of the province, including important coastal areas, large intact forests, and rare species habitat.”

Jul 23 13

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CPAWS 2013 AGM Notice and Nominations for the CPAWS National Board Announcement
The CPAWS Annual General Meeting will be held via conference call at 8:00 PM (ET) on September 23, 2013.

Jul 15 13

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One step forward, two steps back for Canada’s parks: CPAWS’ 2013 State of Canada’s Parks Report

Ottawa – In the run-up to Canada’s Parks Day on the 3rd Saturday in July, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is releasing its 5th annual report on how Canada’s parks are faring. The report highlights some good news in the past year on creating new parks, including Tursujuq in Quebec announced in December – which is now Canada’s largest provincial park.

But CPAWS also warns that problematic trends continue, including inappropriate industrial and commercial developments, cutbacks to national parks and weakening commitments in some areas to expanding parklands. CPAWS has also identified opportunities across Canada where governments could take action to shift these trends in a more positive direction over the next year.

Jun 19 13

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CPAWS welcomes Sable Island National Park Reserve

HALIFAX – The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) welcomes the protection of Sable Island as a national park reserve. The legislation to create the national park reserve becomes law today.

“This is an important step for the protection of Sable Island’s unique ecosystems,” says Chris Miller, National Conservation Biologist for CPAWS, based in Nova Scotia. “Sable Island holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many Canadians and is deserving of the highest level of protection that can be afforded.”

Jun 12 13

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Adventurer Bruce Kirkby attempts Southern Strait of Georgia crossing by stand-up paddleboard
Vancouver -- In support of wilderness conservation, Canadian writer and adventurer Bruce Kirkby will be embarking on an ambitious crossing of B.C.'s Southern Strait of Georgia from Vancouver to Victoria by stand-up paddleboard, setting out on June 13th at 10 AM from Vancouver’s Spanish Banks and aiming to land at Victoria Harbour at 10 AM on June 17th. Kirkby is undertaking this trip as part of The Big Wild Challenge, a new fundraising project for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) developed with Mountain Equipment Co-op that invites people to dedicate their outdoor adventures to wilderness conservation.

May 21 13

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Environmental groups suspend further work with Resolute under Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

Commitment to ongoing work with other forestry companies remains strong

On the third anniversary of the signing of the historic Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA), environmental signatories are suspending further work with Resolute Forest Products. We remain committed to continuing our work with other signatory companies to plan for protection of critical Boreal woodland caribou habitat and sustainable forest management practices.

Apr 25 13

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The Spectacular North! Special presentations on Thaidene Nene - the Land of the Ancestors

The Lutsel’Ke Dene First Nation and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society are pleased to invite you to join us for special presentations in Calgary and Ottawa about an incredible proposed protected area in the Northwest Territories: Thaidene Nene (the Land of the Ancestors). Come and learn about this magnificent, large and bountiful land around and beyond the East Arm of Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.

Meet elders and others from the Dene community at the heart of this intact wilderness. Have the chance to learn about Dene culture.

Find out how you can help make this unique conservation opportunity a reality by lending your voice.

Apr 18 13

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Call for nominations for the J.B. Harkin Conservation Award 2013

Who do you think deserves national recognition for their contribution to the conservation of Canada’s parks and wilderness? Let us know!

2013 - CPAWS’ 50th Anniversary

Since 2013 is a special year, the J. B. Harkin award this year will focus on life-long conservation efforts, nationally or regionally, in long-term association with CPAWS. Association with CPAWS is intentionally broad in interpretation, including financial, staff or volunteer links.

Mar 27 13

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The Big Wild Challenge: It’s back!

Planning a summer trip into the great outdoors? Want to help protect the nature you love? Well stop right there – and get ready to register your trip as a Big Wild Challenge!

We’re inviting nature lovers from across the country to dedicate your next outdoor adventure – whether for a day, a week, or longer – to conserving Canada’s wilderness. This is a unique way for you to help protect Canada’s amazing wilderness, and have a great time doing it.

Once you register trip as a Big Wild Challenge you can invite friends and family to support your adventure with a donation to CPAWS – Canada’s leading public wilderness conservation organization – right from your own web page.

There will be great prizes for participation, donated by Mountain Equipment Co-op!

Stay tuned for registration, opening mid-May!

Mar 11 13

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CPAWS seeks commitment to conservation as devolution of powers to Northwest Territories advances

Yellowknife - In anticipation of this afternoon’s announcement on the devolution of powers from the federal government to the NWT, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is seeking assurances that the territorial government (GNWT) will continue efforts to protect ecologically and culturally important lands and waters through the NWT Protected Areas Strategy.

“As it takes on more government powers over the next few years and develops a land-use framework, we are looking to the GNWT to commit to a path of sustainable development that balances economic development opportunities with the protection of important cultural and ecological values,” said Kris Brekke, CPAWS - NWT chapter executive director.

Read the full release on CPAWS-NWT's website here.

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