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Last chance for public input on the Peel Watershed

  • Published on Sep 02 2010 |
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Deadline is October 1, 2010

Public input into the Peel watershed process has been very effective in ensuring that the Recommended Plan reflects the public’s desire to see significant protection in the Peel.

Now, as the next part of the planning process, Yukon and First Nation governments are asking for your input on the Peel Watershed’s future before final decisions are made. This is an opportunity to inform governments that you are still committed to your vision of the Peel watershed as a vast tract of wild space.

The Peel Watershed Land Use Planning Commission’s Recommended Plan calls for 80% of the watershed to be protected, with no surface access allowed except in the Dempster Highway corridor.

Affected First Nations, while supportive of the Commission’s work, are calling for protection of the entire Peel Watershed. Take a look at their video in the sidebar of this page.

October 1st is the deadline by which you can tell decision makers that you feel the Planning Commission did a thorough job and whether you feel that the Commission went far enough in recommending 80% protection or whether you support the First Nations\' goal of 100% protection for the Peel watershed.

Your input to date helped the Peel Commission recommend major protection for the Peel watershed. Now your voice is needed one more time. Tell the Yukon and First Nations governments to follow through with large scale protection for the Peel!

What you can do

  1. Write your comments to the Recommended Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan on the Yukon Government public consultation website. Learn more at CPAWS Yukon.

  2. Attend a public consultation meeting in your community

  3. Attend a CPAWS Yukon event. Get inspired. Get informed. Have fun!