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Group applauds establishment of Canada’s newest marine protected area

  • Published on Mar 12 2007 |
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The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is congratulating the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on officially designating New Brunswick\'s Musquash Estuary as Canada\'s sixth marine protected area (MPA) under the Oceans Act.

The Musquash Estuary, located 20 kilometres west of Saint John, is one of the last ecologically intact estuaries in the Bay of Fundy. It provides a rich habitat and a refuge for many species of wildlife.

"CPAWS is pleased to see Minister Hearn completing this long standing proposal for a marine protected area in the Musquash Estuary," says Sabine Jessen, national manager, CPAWS Oceans and Great Lakes Program. "We look forward to the completion of other proposed MPAs, including Bowie Seamount on Canada’s west coast, and to seeing concrete plans for how Canada will meet its international commitments to complete a national network of MPAs by 2012.”

Canada\'s Oceans Act gives DFO the ability to establish marine protected areas to conserve and protect unique habitats, endangered or threatened marine species, commercial and non-commercial fishery resources, marine areas of high biodiversity, and any other marine resource or habitat requiring special protection.

“The Musquash MPA is the result of years of hard work by local conservation groups and individuals and was only possible with cooperation between the municipal, provincial and federal governments,” says Roberta Clowater, executive director of the CPAWS New Brunswick chapter. “We congratulate Minister Hearn, Premier Graham and the Conservation Council of New Brunwick for making this happen.”

MPA designation will prevent further coastal development in this rural, relatively pristine area and aquaculture will not be allowed.

With 13 chapters across the country and over 40 years of experience, CPAWS is one of Canada\'s oldest and most respected, non-profit wilderness protection organization.

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