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Existing Nahanni National Park Reserve designated a wilderness area

Ottawa - Parks Canada announced over the weekend four new wilderness areas within Canada’s national parks.  The four designated wilderness areas include portions of Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada, Fundy National Park of Canada, Vuntut National Park of Canada, and the Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada.
A wilderness area is considered the highest level of protection and according to the National Parks Act, “no activities may take place in (designated wilderness) areas that would impair in any way their distinct wilderness character.”
This is an important step in the advancement of national parks management.  In the early 1980s, CPAWS was involved in creating a provision to ensure wilderness areas are designated in national parks.  The first wilderness areas were designated in  Banff, Jasper, Koootenay and Yoho National Parks in the 1990s in response to CPAWS’ campaign to halt commercial development in our national parks.
“While this announcement does not lead to any new protected areas, it ensures no commercial tourism or road development can take place in these legally protected wilderness areas inside national parks" says Harvey Locke, Senior Advisor Conservation to CPAWS. "This is good news and we look forward to many more such designations in other parks". 

Wilderness area designation for Nahanni National Park Reserve does not advance the park expansion that was announced 18 months ago but which is not yet finalized.  CPAWS continues to push for finalization of the expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve in a manner that will protect the entire South Nahanni watershed as soon as possible.

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