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Do you rent or own a cottage? Reduce your environmental footprint with the Green Cottager Guide

Winnipeg, MB  -- The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) launched the Green Cottager Guide to provide cottagers with the know-how to be good stewards of the environment.

"Cottagers have a vested interest in maintaining the well-being of the lands and waters that surround their homes away from home," said Ron Thiessen, Executive Director of the CPAWS Manitoba chapter. "The Green Cottager Guide is a valuable tool for helping cottagers to keep wilderness regions healthy and whole for the benefit of all."

With over half a million cottages across Canada, cottagers collectively have a significant impact on the environment. CPAWS encourages all cottagers to do their part in keeping our air, water, and wildlife populations in good shape for future generations.

The Guide includes valuable information as well as useful tips on how to become a green cottager. The on-line handbook can be downloaded for reference, or be printed for handy use at the cottage. Cottagers can also print the included "Quick Tips Reference Guide," to post on the cottage fridge. Printing with recycled paper is highly recommended.

Although aimed at Manitoba cottagers, the guide contains useful tips for all Canadians.

The Green Cottager Guide can be downloaded at


Ron Thiessen
Executive Director
CPAWS Manitoba
204 794 4971 or 204 949 0782