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CPAWS weighs in on future of Fundy National Park

Fundy park funding questioned

By James Foster
Published in the Times & Transcript (New Brunswick) on Nov. 19, 2009

No one wants to look a gift horse in the mouth, but fans of Fundy National Park wonder if the big picture is being overlooked in recent funding announcements.

"In a perfect world," says Roberta Clowater, executive director of the New Brunswick chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, "I would prefer to see more funding allocated to the ecological integrity of all of our national parks."

All well and good, says Rob Moore, MP for Fundy-Royal which encompasses Fundy park, but the park has been underfunded for years, and he\'s fixing that. Besides, he says, you don\'t expand your house until you\'re certain the foundation is solid.

The comments come after the federal government in the past year has invested millions of dollars in new infrastructure in the park, in better exhibits and rehabilitating streams that are home to eels and Atlantic salmon. They\'ve also rebuilt the crumbling main road, Route 114, to the tune of about $17 million.

While those who love the park cheer that kind of spending, hanging over their heads are reports that species of fish, animals and plants are being driven to local extinction, mainly because the park is too small to "maintain its ecological integrity."

That means the park is subject to outside influences from the industries and logging all around it.

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