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CPAWS staff receives award to pursue international work encouraging forest protection as part of cli

  • Published on Jul 30 2007 |
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CPAWS is excited to announce that long-time conservation staff member Chris Henschel has been awarded a Global Youth Fellowship by the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation to pursue research on developing international rules incorporating forest protection as part of international climate change response.

As a recipient of the 2007 Global Youth Fellowship, Chris will focus on whether rules can be developed under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ( e.g. the Kyoto Protocol) to encourage forest protection as part of climate change response strategies. Roughly twenty percent of the world\'s annual greenhouse gas emissions result from deforestation and forest degradation. The world\'s remaining forests contain vast stores of carbon that need to be held in place to mitigate future climate change.  The protection of intact forests will also allow species to adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

The award is targeted towards young and emerging leaders in Canada who have demonstrated a commitment to international issues and have a proven track record in participating in collaborative projects and in seeking creative solutions to identified problems.
While carrying out his Fellowship responsibilities, Chris will be working as the National Manager of Standards and International Affairs for CPAWS.  Chris will transfer his experience at the international level to the Canadian discussion on how our forest resource should be managed and protected as part of an effective climate change response strategy.