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CPAWS Special Report on commercial development threats to our national parks

There is a crisis in Canada’s national parks. A rash of commercial development projects have been approved in Banff and Jasper, and similar development pressures are now spilling over into other national parks as well.  CPAWS’ Special Report highlights the growing list of commercial developments that are close to final approval, or have already been completed in recent years.

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At the end of July, just before the federal election was called, a massive expansion of the Lake Louise Ski Resort in Banff National Park was approved. It requires removing land from legally protected wilderness to accommodate the demands of a private business to expand.

From the “Glacier Skywalk”, which turned a public viewpoint into a private pay-for-use theme park-like development, and the proposed Maligne Lake resort development in Jasper, to a proposal to build a giant seven story statue in Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the list of inappropriate development proposals in our national parks is growing.

Canada’s national parks belong to all Canadians.  They are part of our heart and soul.  Yet this growing trend of commercial development threatens the natural values our parks are intended to protect, as well as our collective responsibility to pass them on unimpaired to future generations. It’s time to stand up for the public good that our national parks represent to prevent them from being degraded by private interests for profit.

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