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CPAWS releases guide to help Albertans vote green

  • Published on Feb 07 2008 |
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CPAWS Calgary/Banff launches “My Vote is for the Environment” Campaign

The Calgary/Banff Chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is asking all Albertans who care about the environment to demonstrate that concern when they vote in the 2008 provincial election.

“Though it seems so many Albertans are concerned with the environment, we still hear from politicians that they don’t believe it will influence the way people vote,” says Dave Poulton, Executive Director of the Calgary/Banff Chapter of CPAWS. “We want to show them otherwise.”

CPAWS Calgary/Banff has created a window poster that citizens, business owners and all concerned Albertans can print from their home computers and post in their front windows and doors. It is intended that candidates and other voters will be able to see these posters and know that the environment will be a top concern when Albertans go to the polls on March 3. “This is a very simple and powerful way for Albertans to show all candidates and parties that the environment does matter when it comes to choosing the next government in this province,” says Stephanie Ferguson, Outreach Manager for CPAWS Calgary/Banff. “We want thousands of these posters to spring up all over Alberta.”

To assist citizens in making the best possible vote for the environment, CPAWS Calgary/Banff is also providing an extensive online guide for voters who are concerned about environmental issues in Alberta. The guide includes tips for talking to candidates, information on the province’s top environmental issues as well as links to other resources and elections news. The guide and posters are available now at


The Calgary/Banff Chapter of Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has been working for protection of wilderness and the ecological integrity of parks since 1968.