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CPAWS NS Launches Video Depicting the Changes to the Fishery in Nova Scotia through the Eyes of Loca

  • Published on Jan 28 2010 |
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"I have spent the last two years sitting down with fishermen and hearing stories of their lives on the water," stated CPAWS NS Marine Coordinator Ashley Sprague. "I was constantly moved by the drastic changes to the fisheries they witnessed and I wanted to then be able to share their stories with the rest of Nova Scotia."

The 17-minute-long video is composed of compelling and poignant clips and stories from four fishermen from Nova Scotia.

"Ground fishing is... it\'s terrible- is the best way to put it. The halibut are coming back, but the groundfish themselves like haddock and codfish are not coming back and I don\'t think they are going to, personally," stated Bob Hennessey, lobster fisherman from Sambro. "If they would have had more sanctuaries then I think it would have made a big difference but it was too little, too late" "They (your kids) can\'t never see what I seen. I have seen hundreds of thousands of fish flippin\' in the passage down here...most beautiful sound you would ever hear when the sun was goin\' down that the blaze was settlin\' on the horizon, you could listen, you could hear the rush and the slash and the wave coming, and it was the herring coming on the shore... there were millions of them," described by Kemp Stanton, lobster fisherman from Whale Cove.

View the video:

Part 1

Part 2


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