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CPAWS Celebrates the Announcement of a Coordinated Path Forward for New Protected Areas

  • Published on Dec 23 2016 |
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CPAWS Celebrates the Announcement of a Coordinated Path Forward for New Protected Areas

OTTAWA – CPAWS welcomed the announcement of a process to coordinate the efforts of provincial, indigenous, federal and territorial governments that will work to establish significantly more protected areas on land across Canada.

“We are so pleased to see governments coming together to collaborate in reaching our international commitment of protecting at least 17% of our land by 2020”, said Éric Hébert-Daly, CPAWS’ National Executive Director. “This is the level of collaboration and commitment that’s needed to achieve this target over the next three years.”

CPAWS released a report in July 2015 demonstrating how governments could contribute to this goal and expressing concern at the time that more coordination and leadership was necessary. Today’s announcement is a crucial first step on the journey.

“An advisory committee is also being established to help guide the work, which is great news,”
said Alison Woodley, National Director of CPAWS’ Parks Program. “It will help us focus on achieving the ultimate goal of the project, which is to protect healthy ecosystems. Our international commitment goes well beyond the 17% target. It also requires that we protect the best places for biodiversity, and ensure these areas are well-managed, and well - connected together in a network.”

In the face of climate change, having large well-connected networks of protected lands and waters is essential to ensure wild plants and animals can move through the landscape in response to changing conditions”.

Hébert-Daly offered assistance to the project as well. “As a science-based wilderness conservation charity with more than 50 years of experience, CPAWS is ready to be an active partner in the process. CPAWS has a long-term vision to protect at least half of Canada’s land and water and we see the 2020 target of at least 17% protection as an important next step towards what nature really needs”.

CPAWS has been encouraging governments at all levels to consider 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday, as a key moment to give Canadians a long-term legacy gift of nature for future generations.


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CPAWS 2015 report on protected areas:

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