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CPAWS Applauds Breakthrough Plan for Caribou in Ontario’s Northeast

The Ontario government today officially welcomed joint recommendations on an action plan for the management of the Abitibi River Forest by CBFA signatories, including CPAWS, that will increase the area of woodland caribou habitat off limits to logging from 170,000 hectares to 835,000 hectares. Our plan will also allow for forestry to proceed, with conservation measures in place, in other areas of the forest which are already highly fragmented and where woodland caribou have not roamed for some time.

CPAWS has been collaborating with companies in the region since before the existence of the CBFA, so we were able to contribute a significant amount of knowledge and expertise to the process of developing the framework for this plan and we’re very happy with what has come out of this process.

Read the full press release here and view the report of recommendations.