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CPAWS 2014 AGM Notice and Nominations for the CPAWS National Board Announcement

  • Published on Jul 23 2014 |
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The CPAWS Annual General Meeting will be held via conference call at 8:00 PM (ET) on September 29, 2014.

For more information, please contact us at or by phone at: 1-800-333-9453

Nominations for the CPAWS National Board

Under CPAWS’ bylaws, members of the Board of Trustees are elected for three-year terms. Trustees can be re-elected for a maximum of six, or in some cases nine, years. All trustees are volunteers.

Each year, the Board chooses a Nominations Committee to recommend candidates to fill vacancies arising from trustees reaching their term limits or deciding to resign. The Committee follows policies which are intended to ensure that the Board has a combination of relevant skills, experience at the chapter level, and geographic balance. It seeks suggestions through the CPAWS website and from current and past Trustees, Chapter Directors, and friends of CPAWS.  

Five trustees reached the end of their current terms this year – Alex Abboud, André Vallillée, Tim Gray, Julie Davidson, and Raymond Plourde. Tim, Julie and Ray have all made important contributions to CPAWS but, under our bylaws, have reached their term limits and cannot be nominated for re-election. Alex and André are eligible for re-election, and are both being nominated for an additional three years.

After discussing many possible candidates, the Nominations Committee and the Board of Trustees are recommending three new trustees to serve for three- year terms – Amber Nicol, Elmer Ghostkeeper, and Lavinia Mohr. Brief biographies of these nominees follow. Biographies of existing trustees, including those nominated for re-election, can be found at:

While the Nominations Committee makes every effort to put together the best slate, our bylaws allow any member who feels that the slate falls short of the needs of CPAWS to submit alternative candidates.  Any such nominations should be submitted no later than August 11, 2014, to Eric Hébert-Daly, National Executive Director, at  Nominations must include the name of the nominee, their written consent, address, phone number, email, and a brief biography.

Any additional nominations will result in a mail-in election, which can be costly in terms of time and the money donated by members. To ensure that donation money is not used wastefully, CPAWS bylaws require that any additional candidate be supported by the signatures of 25 people who were members of CPAWS at the time of this notice.

New Trustee Bios

Amber Nicol is a professional land use planner with a diverse range of policy and strategic planning experience, primarily focused in environmental planning and community sustainability. Raised in the BC interior, she has lived and worked in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Northern Alberta. With her move to BC this summer, Amber is departing as President of the board of the Northern Alberta chapter of CPAWS, where she led the chapter through a rebuilding/re-energizing process over the past 3-4 years and acted on a volunteer basis as the chapter’s Executive Director during transition periods.  In addition to her professional experience in conservation, Amber brings to CPAWS significant training and/or experience in board governance, human resources, fundraising, and financial management.

Lavinia Mohr is a senior executive with an international NGO that works with secular and faith-based partners in 120 countries to promote communication for social change.  Over her almost 30-year career, she has worked in senior management positions with several NGOs at the local, national and international levels in BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.  Lavinia is Treasurer of the CPAWS Wildlands League board and also serves on the board of the Toronto Field Naturalists.  Fluent in French and Spanish, she brings to CPAWS a depth of experience in non-profit organizational and financial management, human resources and board governance.

Elmer Ghostkeeper is a community leader, author and independent consultant on social, cultural, economic and political matters. He specializes in the partnering of aboriginal wisdom with western scientific knowledge for holistic learning. Based in Northern Alberta, Elmer is a councillor for the Buffalo Lake Metis Settlements Council and sits on an Elders Wisdom Circle. His significant contributions to the social, political and cultural fabric of the Metis community in Canada were recognized with an Order of the Metis Nation awarded to him in 2004. Elmer is a strong supporter of CPAWS and its vision for protecting 50% of Canada’s land and water mass. He is fluent in Michif (a blend of Cree and French) as well as English.

Proposed Bylaw Amendment - s.5.1 Trustee Term Limits

The board proposes to change standard trustee term limits from six to nine years. Currently, the standard limit is six years but members of the Executive Committee may serve an additional 3-year term. 

Motion: To amend the second paragraph of s.5.1 of the CPAWS Bylaws so as to replace "six consecutive years" with "nine consecutive years", and to remove the exception for Executive Committee members.

The current paragraph states:

"Except as provided in (a) and (b) below, a person who has served as a Trustee for more than six consecutive years is not eligible to be re-elected or appointed as a Trustee.

(a)  A Trustee who is serving on the Executive Committee may be re-elected or appointed as a Trustee for one additional term of up to three years. However, if at any time that is more than one year before the end of the additional term the Trustee ceases to serve on the Executive Committee, their term as a Trustee ends one year after that time.

(b) A person who has been a Trustee may be elected or appointed to the Board once three years have passed since they last served on the Board."

The new paragraph would state:

"A person who has served as a Trustee for nine consecutive years is not eligible to be re-elected or appointed as a Trustee until at least three years have passed since they last served on the Board."