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Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development Releases Report on National Conservation Plan

OTTAWA -- Yesterday, the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development released the report of its study on a National Conservation Plan for Canada.

Developing a National Conservation Plan was a commitment the federal government made in the 2010 and 2011 Speeches from the Throne.

Since then, CPAWS has been urging the government to develop an ambitious, effective plan.  We presented recommendations to the Committee at hearings in Ottawa and in BC, as well as submitted a written brief.

In summary, CPAWS is seeking a plan that will result in a network of large protected areas in all regions of the country, on land and sea, nested within land and seascapes that are managed according to world leading sustainable practices.

A number of CPAWS recommendations are reflected in the Committee's report, including the  role of both protected areas and the "working landscape"; the opportunity, at a minimum, to meet our international targets under the Convention on Biological Diversity; the opportunity to implement world-leading standards for sustainable management; the need for the plan to be national in scope and regional in implementation; as well as the important role of regional land use planning as a mechanism for implementing a national plan. 

The report has now been tabled in the House of Commons, with a request that the government provide a comprehensive response.

For more information:

Read the committee's report here.

CPAWS written submission to the Standing Committee, May 29, 2012

CPAWS-BC Chapter submission to the Standing Committee, May 15, 2012

CPAWS presentation to the Standing Committee, March 27, 2012