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News Releases

Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS sask. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Mar 13 12

CPAWS-SK has an upcoming AGM

Mar 12 12

CPAWS Saskatchewan Spring 2012 Newsletter
CPAWS-SK releases Spring Newsletter

Feb 27 12

Gord Vaadeland Talks Caribou Recovery on CBC Radio
Gord Vaadeland Speaks on CBC about Caribou Recovery in the province

Feb 22 12

Forest Industry Backs Accelerated Caribou Recovery

Feb 21 12

Measuring The True Cost of Recovering Woodland Caribou in Saskatchewan

Feb 14 12

Woodland Caribou - Chance for a Do-Over?

Feb 10 12

More Perspectives on Caribou Recovery in the Province

Feb 03 12

Caribou In Saskatchewan Need a Unique Protection Plan
Saskatchewan’s boreal woodland caribou are in trouble. They have already disappeared from much of their original range. Fortunately, the Saskatchewan government is developing a woodland caribou strategy to bring our caribou back from the edge of extinction. That proposal is still in development, but properly identifies the need for stronger habitat protection, particularly for ranges under the most pressure in the boreal plain. At the same time, the federal government has drafted a national recovery strategy for Canada’s boreal caribou, as many populations are in steep decline across the country. How these two plans align will be critical in developing real, and effective, caribou action plans for the Saskatchewan caribou populations.

Feb 02 12

CPAWS, The Hill, and A Cowboy
Gord Vaadeland - rancher and passionate conservationist - shares his amusing experiences with the formal dress codes on Parliament Hill from CPAWS' National Lobby Day in November 2011

Dec 20 11

Welcome to CPAWS SK’s New Website

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