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News Releases

Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS sask. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Jan 26 16

Sask. rancher takes issue with provincial wolf cull
CPAWS SK's Executive Director Gord Vaadeland says the province should target only those affecting livestock

Jan 19 16

CPAWS’ third annual caribou report is out!
Canada’s boreal woodland caribou at continued risk: CPAWS annual review finds limited progress in 2015.

Dec 08 15

Canadian Geographic: Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement
From Canadian Geographic, December 2015 - After flowing some 1,200 kilometres from Canada’s Rocky Mountains, collecting runoff from the Prairies and Boreal Plains, the Saskatchewan River spills into a maze of channels that cut across the low-lying forests and wetlands of the Saskatchewan River Delta.

Dec 16 14

Canada’s caribou under growing threat: CPAWS’ annual report
In its second annual review of governments' efforts to conserve Canada's boreal caribou, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) finds that threats from industrial development to boreal woodland caribou have continued to increase while conservation and restoration efforts have shown little progress across the country.

Jun 10 13

Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson to hilight concerns over privatization of community pastures in SK
REGINA, SK: The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society are pleased to join our partners in Public Prairie – Public Interest and Nature Canada to welcome Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson to Saskatchewan from June 24 to 27. The acclaimed authors and conservationists will tour the province’s southern grasslands in the company of other international conservation advocates for an event called "Prairie Passages." The group will be drawing attention to the global significance of conservation programming and bird habitat at risk on federal community pastures now being transferred to Saskatchewan.

May 23 13

Carving the Prairie Commons - Ranchers Divided on Federal divestment of Community Pastures
"Gord Vaadeland is a third-generation rancher near Big River, Saskatchewan, and the executive director of the Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). Vaadeland expressed deep concern for management of PFRA pastures under a private system, especially with regards to species at risk, which are a federal responsibility."

Apr 06 13

Why is Ottawa Abandoning Swathes of Prairie Grasslands?
"In our rush to harness the prairie to our desire, can we find the courage and imagination to seek a solution that is mindful of every displacement suffered in this world of grass, from buffalo and birds to its lost ways of life – indigenous and settler alike?" Trevor Herriot of the Public Pastures, Public Interest, explains the history of the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) and the implications of the decision to sell off Canada's precious grasslands.

Oct 19 12

Community Pastures Announcement Raises More Questions Than Answers
Regina (19 October 2012) – The proposed sale of community pastures in Saskatchewan is supported by virtually no one in the province or the country and the recent announcement by the provincial government raises more questions than it provides answers, according to the Agriculture Union – PSAC which has launched a campaign to protect the prairie grasslands in question.

Oct 05 12

Grasslands Sale Imperils Province’s Heritage
CPAWS Saskatchewan Executive Director partners with Bob Kingston of the Agriculture Union and Josef Schmutz of Saskatchewan Environmental Society to inform and educate Saskatchewan public of the potential loss of an iconic Canadian landscape - Canada's grasslands. This article was later featured in National Geographic's October Newswatch.

Jul 11 12

Saskatchewan’s Parks Facing Growing Threats to their Ecological Health
Saskatchewan's Parks Facing Growing Threats to their Ecological Health according to CPAWS' 2012 State of Canada's Parks Report

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