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Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS sask. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Oct 30 17

CPAWS welcomes draft caribou range plan as a great first step
October 30, 2018, Prince Albert - The Saskatchewan chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) welcomes today’s release of a draft range plan for the Woodland Caribou as a first step in protecting the habitat of this threatened species. Saskatchewan is the second province to release a draft plan, and the first to include so much detail.

Sep 22 17

What’s needed next for Canada’s Bison?
What the bison conservation movement needs now is focussed attention on restoring the health of the magnificent Sturgeon River bison herd that roams freely in and around beautiful Prince Albert National Park in Saskatchewan.

Apr 01 17

Saskatchewan Seal Spotted at Lac La Ronge
Saskatchewan Seal spotted off shores of Lac La Ronge

Jul 26 16

Saskatchewan Oil Spill – How can I Help?
How can I help?

Jul 07 16

Innovative Collaboration Achieves Conservation for Caribou & Supports Prosperous Forest Communities
Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement signatories Weyerhaeuser and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) welcome the recent approval of the 20-Year Forest Management Plan for the Pasquia Porcupine Forest Management Area.

Jun 17 16

The Wild Side of Prince Albert National Park - Where Nature and Art Converge
forestART is a 4-day immersive art course being held July 3rd to 7th, 2016. The nature inspired art courses on offer this year include: Blacksmithing, Nature Photography, Plein Air Painting, and Movement & Drawing.

Mar 29 16

Saskatchewan environment and elections op-ed
Saskatchewan’s natural environment provides generous economic support to the province. The monetary value of ecosystem services including clean air and water, soil conservation, protection of pollinators, grasslands, forests and wetlands ranges in the billions of dollars. But these lands will only continue to provide as long as well protect them.

Mar 24 16

Renewable Energy: A transition to a sustainable future
A transition to renewable energy would benefit Saskatchewan in more ways than one. Energy security would stimulate local economies, reduce conflicts over massive energy projects, and allow the province to thrive no matter the political or economic climate of other regions. New employment opportunities and industries create incentive to keep young people in the province. Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels mitigates the risk climate change presents to ecosystems, public health, and economies at home and around the world.

Mar 21 16

Grasslands, Forests & Wetlands – Nature’s Carbon Capture & Storage Solution
Effective conservation of our wetlands, forests and grasslands through initiatives such as the elimination of illegal drainage, the creation of protected areas in our boreal forest and the creation of programs that effectively protect and manage our remaining native grasslands can be achieved while also allowing for economic prosperity. And while these initiatives are providing habitat for species at risk, migratory birds or aquatic life, they also take us a long way down the road to meeting our global commitments on climate change and carbon emissions.

Mar 17 16

Protected Areas: Saskatchewan’s “Geography of Hope” at Risk
When we remove protection and conservation programming from Crown lands—particularly in our grasslands ecoregions, which are already under so much pressure for development—we are in a sense robbing the future of its biodiversity. As we head into a provincial election, we should be asking candidates what their party will do to meet Saskatchewan’s RAN commitments in all ecoregions, to ensure that we do not leave our children and grandchildren with an even larger conservation debt.

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