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Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS sab. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Jul 10 12

Action Challenge Winners 2011-2012
The Education Team here at CPAWS SAB has been heading into classrooms to talk to students about conservation, science and the environment. Sometimes classes ask us, “What can we do to help?” From this request CPAWS SAB started the Action Challenge Program in 2003. The Action Challenge Program is designed to inspire students to take positive action to help the environment.

Jul 09 12

GPS collars will help keep bears off train tracks
Environmentalists say they're hopeful about the work being done to protect grizzly bears in the park. "There is definitely evidence of Parks Canada and CP investing significant resources," says Sarah Elmeligi, senior conservation planner with the southern Alberta chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. "It's going to take a few years to solve some of these problems.

Jul 05 12

The North Face Explore Fund Awards Grant to CPAWS Southern Alberta
The North Face has awarded a grant to CPAWS Southern Alberta to help children and families explore the outdoors. CPAWS is Canada’s voice for wilderness - through our unique education programs, we seek to create a community of knowledgeable, empowered citizens who engage in stewardship and positive environmental action to conserve ecosystems, wilderness, and protected areas.

Jul 04 12

Relocation of Bear 105 and Cubs Attracts Nation-Wide Attention
The relocation of Grizzly Bear 105 and her three cubs last week from the Bow Valley has been attracting attention across the country. CPAWS Southern Alberta's Senior Conseration Planner, Sarah Elmeligi, highlighted the need for residents and visitors to Canmore to be bear aware and take precautions when travelling in bear country.

Jul 01 12

CPAWS Announces the 2012 Capture the Wild Photo Contest!
It's time to gear up for our annual photo contest! Entries for the 2012 competition are now being accepted on The Camera Store website until October 19, 2012. We welcome photographers of all ages to submit their favourite moments that have been captured in Canada's wild places.

Jun 28 12

Grizzly Relocation Demonstrates that Recovery is Everyone’s Responsibility
Canmore, AB – A grizzly sow and her three cubs were relocated from the Bow Valley Wednesday June 27, 2012 after several days of provincial officials attempting to keep the bear family away from the Town of Canmore. Officials from Solicitor General, Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Tourism Parks and Recreation, had literally spent days using a subtle hazing process to steer the family away from Canmore and back into their normal home range in Kananaskis Country.

Jun 22 12

Imagine Parks - City of Calgary Public Consultation
What do you want your city parks to look like in 2030? The City of Calgary wants your input! The City of Calgary is creating a visionary 30-year plan for a sustainable, efficient, and effective open space system. It will serve as the foundation for future City of Calgary Parks 10-year strategic plans and three-year business plans.

Jun 21 12

High number of grizzly bear removals threatens population recovery
ALBERTA - The Alberta government’s new report on 2011 grizzly bear recovery reveals a disturbing trend that is harmful to the province’s Threatened grizzlies. Large numbers of bears are being trapped and moved by provincial wildlife staff.

Jun 18 12

Learning Outside at Fish Creek Park
On June 12, students from Annie Foote School got the opportunity to learn in a different way: outdoors at Fish Creek Provincial Park. Hiking guides Julie Walker and Alex Mowat encouraged the students to look at the forest from a different perspective and apply the things they had learned in the indoor classroom to the outdoor classroom.

Jun 12 12

Recent Grizzly Bear Deaths in Alberta Raise Alarm: CPAWS SAB
There have been a spate of grizzly bear deaths so far this year in Alberta, from a variety of human causes including poachers, motorists, and landowners.

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