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Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS sab. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Jul 25 17

Canada last among G7 countries in land protection, but improved performance possible
In its latest annual report on the state of protected areas in Canada, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is calling Canada out for ranking dead last among G7 countries in the percentage of land and freshwater protected for nature. CPAWS’ 2017 report “From Laggard to Leader,” encourages federal, provincial, and territorial governments to step up their protection efforts in order to conserve Canada’s natural heritage, and deliver on our international commitment.

Jul 18 17

Calgary Coworking Space Donating July Proceeds to CPAWS Southern Alberta
HustleCo wants to celebrate their opening, and Canada's 150th anniversary, by giving back to this beautiful country. As HustleCo holds events, such as hikes and retreats, in Canadian parks and wilderness, they wanted to support a charity that is committed to Canada's wilderness protection. It is part of their belief that “Canada must always remain a leader in wilderness preservation, it is crucial for Canada’s identity for years to come.”

Jun 21 17

Building An Urban Conservation Ethic
While much of CPAWS Southern Alberta’s work focuses on protection of our world-class wilderness and parks, there is an important link between wild and urban areas that is often overlooked. Calgary, and most urban centres in Southern Alberta, are in key locations, allowing easy access to wilderness. However, this close proximity also means that our actions, whether outside or within our cities, affects the larger landscape we live in.

Jun 21 17

Celebrating Education and Stewardship Action
At CPAWS Southern Alberta we are celebrating our successes this year, as we commemorate the 20th anniversary of our education programs. We had another extremely successful school year in 2016-2017, surpassing our targets, developing new programs to add to our repertoire, engaging more students than ever in environmental action, and continuing to receive positive feedback from participants. We delivered 426 programs to over 8000 youth, teachers, and adult new immigrants!

Jun 21 17

Making Connections Between Urban and Wild Lands
While we often think of conservation in the context of remote wilderness areas, it is vital to look at the big picture and recognize that cities play an important part in biodiversity and water conservation. With more than 80% of Albertans living in urban areas, it is important to consider the role our cities and towns play in conserving biodiversity and water resources in the larger landscape.

Jun 21 17

Nose Hill: A Lifetime of Nature Connection
One of the flowing favorite places of my life has been Nose Hill Park. My mother and father were important in the fight to save it as a park in Calgary during the 1970s. Growing up, as kids, living in a nearby community, we played and explored there often. We also were regaled with stories of the “Spy Hill Jail” and dangerous men wandering about, maybe escaped convicts. It was this big beautiful hill of exploration and adventure and it also was an ominous place of danger. But mostly, it represented wonder, wildness and nature to kids growing up in an urban environment.

Jun 07 17

CPAWS Capture the Canadian Wild Canada 150 Photo Contest winners announced
A dramatic photograph of a climber scaling a wall of ice in Waterton Lakes National Park has captured the grand prize in the CPAWS Capture the Canadian Wild Canada 150 national photo contest.

Jun 01 17

Capture the Wild photo contest update
The winners of the CPAWS Capture the Wild contest will be announced on June 7th - noon MDT.

Mar 16 17

CPAWS Welcomes Continued Investments in Parks in Alberta Budget 2017
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Southern and Northern Alberta chapters welcome today’s announcement by the government of Alberta that, as part of Budget 2017, “Working to Make Life Better,” Alberta is committed to investing in the province’s parks and protected areas, public lands management, and wildlife.

Mar 01 17

Thomas Porter: One Fateful Day - a return to nature
I used to be the guy with the nice house in suburbia, the double-car garage, white picket fence and two dogs. I was proud of my accomplishments and believed whole-heartedly that I deserved the ‘things’ that I had – things like a boat, a camper, a 4WD truck and a dirtbike.

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