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Here you'll find official news releases from CPAWS mb. Clicking on a link will you take to the chapter's website.

Apr 12 16

Getting answers during #MBelxn
To find out if and how candidates plan to move forward with present commitments or to find out how they plan to approach the conservation of a healthy Boreal landscape…it’s your job to ask.

Mar 24 16

CPAWS releases citizen-backed provincial election questionnaire
With a provincial election on the horizon, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has today released an all-party questionnaire to help inform voters of party positions on issues related to the future of the vast Boreal region of Manitoba. The questions were developed with input from CPAWS members. Hundreds of Manitobans have signed online in support of the request for public responses to the questions from all parties.

Mar 23 16

CPAWS receives 2016 Conservation Award from The Wildlife Society - Manitoba Chapter
CPAWS Manitoba was thrilled to receive the 2016 Conservation Award from the Manitoba Chapter of The Wildlife Society at the organization's AGM today.

Mar 22 16

World Water Day: Lake Winnipeg needs a healthy Boreal
On World Water Day, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) is amplifying the call to save Lake Winnipeg by highlighting the fundamental need to ensure the nutrient filtration capacity of boreal forests and wetlands is a primary consideration in land use decisions within its watershed. As approximately 75% of the water that enters the lake is initially filtered through the boreal forests and wetlands of Manitoba, maintaining these ecosystems is key to meeting the provincial target of a 50% reduction in the phosphorous that plagues the lake.

Mar 10 16

Trudeau – Obama joint statement reaffirms conservation goals
CPAWS Manitoba applauds the re-affirmation by the Canadian and US federal governments that they intend to protect at least 17% of lands and 10% of marine areas by 2020. The goal was highlighted in a joint statement released today during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s state visit to the White House. It recognized these targets as an initial step toward greater protections and that concrete action will be taken to ‘substantially surpass these national goals in the coming years’.

Mar 04 16

Manitoba Introduces Environmental Bill of Rights
In less than 5 months after accepting David Suzuki’s request, the Manitoba government has introduced an Environmental Bill of Rights for the province. If passed into legislation, it will provide statutory recognition of a right to a healthy environment, improve public access to environmental information, simplify the citizen complaint process, establish independent oversight, and improve accountability.

Mar 03 16

Know the North guest blog #3 - Start the Conservation Conversation!
Whenever I head up into the far north it feels like I have gone back in time. For the most part the remote Canadian wilderness is the same now as it was a thousand years ago - eskers and drumlin fields dominate the landscape, and forests of black spruce and tamarack provide cover for the creatures that call this region home. It’s easy to think it will stay this way forever.

Mar 03 16

World Wildlife Day: Bats need the Boreal
The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and a local wildlife expert are calling for protection of the boreal forest in Manitoba as a critical measure to ensure the survival of endangered little brown (Myotis lucifugus) and northern long-eared bats (Myotis septentrionalis).

Feb 11 16

The Boreal is beluga habitat
Successful whale habitat stewardship will reverberate through the forest

Jan 28 16

Know the North guest blog #2 - Lessons In Fear
I agonized over whether or not to join the expedition for weeks.

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