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Canadians vote Nahanni as one of Canada’s Seven Wonders

  • Published on Jun 08 2007 |
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OTTAWA - Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories was voted one of the top choices by Canadians in CBC\'s "Seven Wonders of Canada" contest which ended yesterday. Although Nahanni narrowly missed being on the final list of seven selected by the judging panel on June 7th, more than 64,000 Canadians voted for Nahanni as the top Canadian wonder in the weeks leading up to the contest close, ranking it fourth most popular.   

"The public rightly recognizes Nahanni, an iconic Boreal wilderness site, as the wonder that it truly is. But they should know that this natural treasure is threatened by mining developments. We hope the CBC vote provides an added incentive for the federal government to act soon to ensure the Nahanni stays as majestic as it is today, forever, by expanding the existing national park reserve to protect the entire South Nahanni watershed," says Alison Woodley, CPAWS\' Northern Conservation Specialist. 

CPAWS has been leading a public campaign since 2003 to protect the entire South Nahanni Watershed, one of the world\'s most spectacular Boreal wilderness treasures, in an expanded national park reserve.  While the government has committed to expanding the park, the decision about the where the new boundaries will go has not been made. 

Meanwhile, potentially threatening mining developments are proceeding. Last month, the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board issued a land use permit to Canadian Zinc Corporation, the junior mining company that owns the proposed Prairie Creek mine north of the current park, to reconstruct a 170km winter road through the heart of the Nahanni wilderness area which authorities have identified for protection within the expanded national park reserve. 

The local Dehcho First Nations have passed a unanimous leadership resolution calling for protection of the entire South Nahanni Watershed, which lies within their traditional territory, including the Nahanni karstlands.   

Nine of the top ten CBC nominees were natural wonders and parks. "This sends a clear message that our natural heritage truly identifies us as Canadians. We trust governments are hearing this and ensuring that conservation of our wilderness is a high priority for them," adds Woodley. 


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