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Call for nominations: Get on board with the CPAWS National Board of Trustees!

  • Published on Jan 17 2013 |
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CPAWS is seeking replacements for 5 Trustees who will be completing their terms near the end of 2013. Nominations are due by March 31, 2013. The slate of nominees will be selected by the end of May and presented to members for their approval at the Annual General Meeting on September 24th.

The National Board has ultimate responsibility for ensuring that as a federally-incorporated, not-for-profit, charitable organization, CPAWS is financially sound, complies with relevant laws, and has appropriate policies, plans and programs in place to accomplish its conservation objectives.

The Governance Committee nominates a slate of trustee candidates each year according to policies which ensure that the Board has a combination of relevant skills, experience and geographic balance.  The full Board complement is 16 members, generally elected for three-year terms beginning at the Annual General Meeting each fall.

Our vision is that Canada protects at least half of our public land and water.  Since 1963 CPAWS has led in creating over two-thirds of Canada’s protected areas to date, an area greater than the entire Yukon Territory!

Our progress and influence is based, in part, on the uniqueness of our organization. In many ways, we work from the ground up with the guidance of our national framework.  This enables the resourceful combination of both local and national leadership, programming and oversight.

Consider the possibility of being a part of this exciting team, serving the organization from a National board position. While everyone who submits a nomination will be considered, CPAWS is especially interested this year in bringing onto the board indigenous persons and persons from Quebec and western Canada. We’re looking for a mix of backgrounds including, but not limited to: wilderness conservation and/or biology, human resources and law. Some additional preference may be given to those who are French/English bilingual, who have demonstrated leadership ability, and/or those who have previous experience serving on a CPAWS chapter board.

If interested, please email your resume to

Thank you,
Susan Ellis
Chair, CPAWS 2013 National Board of Trustees Nominations Committee