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Alberta’s threatened grizzly bears need protection now


Alberta\'s grizzly bear is a threatened species that needs special protection. In 2002, Alberta\'s Endangered Species Conservation Committee (ESCC), representing scientists, universities, First Nations, industries, hunters, conservationists and ranchers, recommended that the grizzly bear be listed as a Threatened species under Alberta\'s Wildlife Act. Unfortunately, the government so far has failed to implement this recommendation and Alberta\'s grizzlies continue to suffer from a wide array of threats.

At roughly 600 bears, Alberta\'s grizzly population remains far below provincially and internationally recognized thresholds.

The province has embarked on a further status review and, eight years later, it will ask the ESCC once again to re-examine whether the grizzly bear should be listed as a protected species.

Once the status review is complete it will be up to Mel Knight, the newly appointed Minister of Sustainable Resource Development, to decide if the grizzly bear will be listed as Threatened and given legal protection.

Please take a moment to contact Sustainable Resource Development Minister Mel Knight and let him know your thoughts on grizzly bear recovery, including legal listing and habitat protection.

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