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ALBERTA: Speak up for woodland caribou and wilderness

  • Published on Feb 03 2010 |
  • This article is tagged as: caribou, alberta

As you\'ve likely seen in the news, CPAWS is warning that Boreal woodland caribou in Alberta\'s oil sands region will perish unless the province moves to protect at least half of this area\'s intact forests and wetlands.

Since 1993, nearly half of the Boreal woodland caribou in the area where the oil sands industry is concentrated have disappeared. You can make a difference. Please sign the petition now to protect at least 50% of Alberta\'s Lower Athabasca planning region.

This region, part of CPAWS\'s Athabasca Heartland campaign, contains some of the most pristine wilderness in the province. It\'s threatened by heavy industrial development, including Alberta\'s oil sands.

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