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AGM Notice 2017

  • Published on Jul 31 2017 |
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The CPAWS Annual General Meeting will be held by conference call on Monday, September 25, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. To confirm your attendance, please contact Andrée Charlebois at and she will provide you with call-in information and circulate the AGM agenda in advance of the meeting.

Nominations for the CPAWS National Board

Under CPAWS’ bylaws, members of the Board of Trustees are elected for three-year terms. Trustees can be re-elected for a maximum of nine years. All trustees are volunteers.

Each year, the Board chooses a Nominations Committee to recommend candidates to fill vacancies arising from trustees reaching their term limits or deciding to resign. The Committee follows policies which are intended to ensure that the Board has a combination of relevant skills, experience at the chapter level, and geographic balance. It seeks suggestions through the CPAWS website and from current and past Trustees, Chapter Directors, and friends of CPAWS.

As per the provisions in the CPAWS bylaws, each of following trustees has decided to stand for re-election to the CPAWS National Board for an additional three-year term:

  • Amber Nicol (2nd term)
  • Lavinia Mohr (2nd term)
  • Elmer Ghostkeeper (2nd term)
  • Alex Abboud (3rd term)

While the Nominations Committee makes every effort to put together the best slate, our bylaws allow any member who feels that the slate falls short of the needs of CPAWS to submit alternative candidates.  Any such nominations should be submitted no later than August 18th, to Éric Hébert-Daly, National Executive Director, at  Nominations must include the name of the nominee, their written consent, address, phone number, email, and a brief biography.

Any additional nominations will result in a mail-in election, which can be costly in terms of time and the money donated by members. To ensure that donation money is not used wastefully, CPAWS bylaws require that any additional candidate be supported by the signatures of 25 people who were members of CPAWS at the time of this notice.


Proposed Bylaw Amendments

Read the full bylaws

The board is proposing the following changes:

7.1 Election of Officers:  The Board shall elect from among the Trustees, a president, one or more vice-presidents and any other officers designated by the Board.  Officers shall be elected for a three-year term unless otherwise specified by the Board.

8.1 Appointment of Executive: The Board shall, immediately after the AGM and at any other time as required, appoint a committee of Trustees called the Executive Committee for a term concluding at the next AGM.  The size of the Executive Committee shall not be less than five Trustees and shall include officers of the corporation.

8.2 Meetings of Executive: The Executive Committee shall meet monthly or as needed upon at least five days’ notice given by the President.