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Feb 14 - Show your love for Gatineau Park

Do you love Gatineau Park?

Join CPAWS-OV and Bou the caribou in a walking tour of downtown Ottawa to show your love for Gatineau Park! We will have information about Gatineau Park and why we should protect this beautiful space. We will have petitions to show Parliament that Canadians care about Gatineau Park. We will also have photo opportunities with Bou the caribou, our CPAWS mascot.

When: Wednesday February 14

Time: 10:00am-2:00pm


Why: To Protect Gatineau Park

Did you know? Gatineau Park is at risk! You may be surprised to find out that Gatineau Park is a park in name only.

It's hard not to fall in love with Gatineau Park. Rich in biodiversity, Gatineau Park is comprised of 361 square kilometers of wilderness, 118 rare or endangered species, and 50 lakes! Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the opportunities that Gatineau Park provides for all sorts of activities, including hiking, cross-country skiing, camping, paddling, and rock climbing.

Most of Gatineau Park belongs to the federal government and the National Capital Commission (NCC) manages the land, but it does not have the permanent legal protection provided to “real” national parks.
Without governing legislation and full parliamentary oversight, the same oversight given to all our Canadian national parks under the National Parks Act, portions of the park will continue to be subjected to use for housing development, the construction of shopping centres, and the creation of new roads as in the past.

Gatineau Park has the potential to become a core protected area within a much larger region that protects natural ecosystems and maintains viable populations of all native species. It is important that the lands surrounding the Park are properly managed to allow for corridors and connections with other natural areas.

Learn more about Gatineau Park and our Make it a REAL park campaign.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out at this event!

We need someone to dress up as Bou the caribou, some of Bou's friends to encourage the public to sign our Make it a REAL park petition to protect Gatineau Park and a photographer/videographer to capture this event.

To learn more about this event or volunteer opportunities please contact Jesse at

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