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Feb 12 - Cafe Scientifique - Gatineau Park

Show your love for Gatineau Park!

This Cafe Scientifique is one event in a series of events highlighting the importance of Gatineau Park and raising awareness for its protection. To learn more about Gatineau Park read about our Make it a REAL park campaign!

Our Cafe Scientifique is an informal gathering of people to discuss current science, conservation and environmental issues that affect our communities. On the second Monday of each month, we will discuss a different topic related to biology, conservation, wilderness and our place in the environment.

On Monday February 12, we will discuss the importance fo parks and protected areas with Stephen Woodley and Gershon Rother will discuss Gatineau Park.

When and why do protected areas conserve nature? Stephen Woodley is an ecologist, who has worked in the field of environmental conservation for 35 years. He was first Chief Scientist for Parks Canada in 1992,working on a number of protected areas issue, including ecological monitoring, species at risk, wildlife disease, ecological restoration, science policy and climate change. In 2011, Stephen began working as Senior Advisor to the Global Protected Areas Program of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and continues that work as Vice Chair for Science and Biodiversity of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas. The focus of the work is to understand the role of protected areas as solutions to the current global conservation challenges.

Gershon studied biology at McGill and environmental studies at York, and worked at the National Capital Commission in Gatineau Park and the Greenbelt for 30+years. His last job at the NCC was as manager of the Greenbelt. He is presently involved in the Historical Society of the Gatineau and the Friends of Gatineau Park. With the "Friends" he chairs a small committee that plans educational programs. He will talk about the history of Gatineau Park, as well as the history of some of the planning which was done for the Park - both before and after its actual creation. Gershon will also talk about the Friends of the Park.

Meet at the Fox and the Feather Pub on Elgin st, Ottawa from 7:00-9:00pm, order a drink, grab a bite to eat and engage in discussion on Gatineau Park.

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